creatures of habit

Our kitchen drawers + cupboards are 100% emptied.  They have been for about 48hrs now.  I know this.  So, why is it that I keep opening them up looking for a bowl/plate/fork, when they are not there???  Maybe I will learn by the time we move.  They’re on the counter, in the drying rack, open your eyes crazy lady!!!  Creatures of habit, I tell ya….

Re-heated oats take 2.

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Still delicious.  Still easy.  Still, very very enjoyed. 

Mixed with my last peach [waaaah], Crofters jam, pnut butter, and LGF granola. 

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You’ll have to excuse my brain.  I think I packed it in a box.

I met up with Emily for my last walk at Wash Park.  :(  I was feeling really tired pre-walk but got a burst of energy afterwards.  Today, besides packing extremely random things lying around the house, I worked on moving all of our crap lovely belongings from the basement to the main floor.  With every step I just keep telling myself how nice it will be to not have to move the boxes UP on moving day.  We have a narrow, windy basement stair and I would just rather get all of that moving done with now! 

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I might not find a park like this in Ft. Collins, but the foothills are only 1/2m away. 

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I am going to call dinner….

Hot Mess On a Plate

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It might be messy but it was pretty delicious.

Randomness that was included:

  • soba noodles
  • trader joe’s grain mix
  • butter + olive oil
  • breadcrumbs
  • peppers
  • zucchini
  • low + slow sweet taters

This took 7min to cook in 1 pan.  {love}

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The breadcrumbs are oh so yummy in this hot mess :)  

And now since I’m out of photos…I’m going to play with maps…I should be helping take down artwork from the walls, or in bed, but whatever.

1 thing I am definitely excited about in Ft. Collins is how bike friendly the city is.  Check out all of these bike lanes!!

Dark, light + dotted green lines are all bike lanes!


Zoomed out.  The locator “B” is downtown Ft. Collins.


Our house is in between Horsetooth Reservoir + Colorado State University [the tan color all the way to the right].  The green patch beyond the reservoir are the foothills.  Fun!!


When your boss finds you asleep at your desk, tell them it’s my fault.

Off to take things down from the wall…mrrrrrrrrrrrrp.