buckwheat in a jar

I’ve decided I really like the walnut butter.  I still need to work on the recipe but I love the thick texture and it tastes kind of like cookie dough.  A few people left tips to add some cashews to the mix to help smooth it out.  Definitely going to try that next time!

Peaches are probably my favorite fruit mix in for oats.  Blueberries come in a close 2nd.  Well, not counting bananas, which are in all of my bowls :) 

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This is a bowl of steel cut + oat groats, from Friday.  It got niiiice + creamy.  It’s also topped with a little of my coconut butter.  Yum.

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Friday we went out to one of the MANY local breweries, Cooper Smith’s.  Reader, Kristin [The Girl With the Pink Sneakers] suggested I try this place out because they have a lot of vegetarian options on the menu.  Their menu was awesome and it was printed on a newspaper, which was fun!

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I tried 2, 5oz beers.  A nut brown + a wheat.  I wasn’t crazy about them.

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Their menu was awesome.  They had a lot of great choices, including a vegan house-made veggie burger, vegan chili, black bean burger, beef + buffalo burgers, a few local lamb dishes, pizza, salads, etc.  I was really excited to get the salad because it actually had substance.  There were tons of chickpeas, pepitas, and a hard boiled egg, just to name a few.  An actual filling salad is hard to come by!  I also got their Italian baked tofu, which was delicious.

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Chris had an EXcellent veggie burrito, topped with their vegan chili.  It was seriously delicious, full of veggies, and not greasy at all.  Two thumbs up for the food + menu selection!

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Breakfast today….rocked.

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Jar contents:

  • banana
  • Oikos plain
  • pumpkin
  • buckwheat
  • wheat bran
  • cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger
  • chia seeds

Topped with:

  • walnut butter
  • Fig/Cocoa spread

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This was my first time trying buckwheat, and I loved it.  The texture was way different than I thought.  The kernals look really hard, and like they would need to be cooked, similar to steal cut oats.  However, you can eat these raw.  They have an awesome light-airy crunch, with a deep toasty grain flavor. 

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The fig spread is extremely delicious!!  I stirred everything up and chowed down.  Love love loved this!

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We had a few friends over for the OSU/Miami game today.  I made Alton Brown’s guacamole, which was good, but not the best I’ve ever had. 

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I also made Emily’s black bean burgers, which are always a crowd pleaser.  People always comment on how they look like cookies :)  These burgers not only taste great, but take only about 10min to throw together. 

Ooooh, FYI!  I’m not sure how long the sale lasts, but my mom picked up the 11c Cuisinart food processor [that I have + LOVE] today at Macy’s for $99!!  It’s typically between $180-200.  Fabulous deal if you’re shopping for one.

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I made the guac for tortilla chips, but it doubles as a delicious burger topping too!  Our friends made mashed potatoes and a delicious cheesy green bean casserole.  They also made a turkey, so it smelled like Thanksgiving in the kitchen today!

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The doggles were non-stop today.  I wish you could hear the noises Dakota makes when playing.  It pretty much sounds like Chewbacca.

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A furry friend, Ava, joined the party today.

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Does anyone have a really tasty baked falafel recipe that they’ve tried before?  Chris and I are loving falafel right now and want to make it at home.  No plans for tomorrow, but hopefully I can get a workout in.  I have been slack this week, hehe.

Off to watch a scary movie called Frozen.  It’s about people getting stuck for days on a ski lift.  I love watching scary movies about activities I enjoy.

**Edited to note** The movie was awful.  I like a good scary movie every now + again, but this was just gross.  AND, would it not be obvious, that if for some INsane reason, you’re stuck on a chair lift + everyone has left the mountain, that you would tie all of your clothes [jackets + snow pants] together to make a ladder to climb down?  Yes, yes you would.