hello from ME!

I’m back.  For the most part… Here are some happenings from the past few days.

Point n’ shoot mooooving day. 

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Moving all of our dry storage food in reusable grocery bags worked really well!!  It was so much easier than packing it all in boxes, since the bags have some give on the sides. 

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Goodbye peephole view of the mountains. 

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And, we’re off!!  With the big Penske truck behind.

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But happy + excited.

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Love how bike-able our new location is!!

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These oats were a random shot from sometime last week.  It was the last of my pre-made oats.  I drizzled about 2t maple syrup on top, which actually made them too sweet for me!  Still gobbled them up though :)

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No formal house tour yet.  We’re still unpacking!!  However, here is the kitchen and Dakota…and a hanger under the cupboard.  That awesome closet that looks like a pantry, is not so awesome, because it’s not a pantry.  It’s a HUGE closet that holds the stacked washer + dryer and the water heater.  Don’t think I’ll be storing any food in there because it is warm and dusty from lint.  It is a good Dakota-proof garbage hiding spot though.

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I turned about 45* to the left to take this shot.  That is basically the whole house, except for the 3 bedrooms down the hallway.  The living space is HUGE though.  I can’t believe it fit our couch and large dining table without looking too cluttered.  Well, it looks cluttered in this photo, but just wait ;)

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And this is why the dogs love the house.  The yard is gigantic.  Our “yard” in Denver, was not really a yard at all.  It was a big mulched pit, that was not fun to hang out in.  We have already spent SO much more time in the yard than we did in Denver.  We didn’t even buy a propane tank [until the move] because the spot where we had the grill, was filthy. 

If the dogs are not outside, they are SOUND asleep inside…in separate bedrooms.  They are weird!  Dakota likes our bedroom but Kenna is happier in the guest room. 

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I really love this ranch, in comparison to the 2 story with basement in Denver.  The basement was nice, but everything is just more accessible in this house.  Have I made it clear how much I hated the house in Denver??  It was filthyyyyyyy.  Worse than some of the houses Chris + his roommates lived in at Ohio State.  No matter how much you cleaned, it never really helped.  The landlord did not keep up with the house at all, and he could get away with it because of the awesome location. 

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I made a big dent today!!  However, there are still a few more kitchen boxes to go through, but this is major progress.

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A new use for my trifle dish :)  I hate having loose bars around. 

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Tomato time.

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With a little salt…

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…this baby was just perfect.

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Ta-da!!  Well you should know, that most things in the previous photo of this room, got moved to the bedrooms and not fully put away yet :)   Having this area set up and clean is so nice though!

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If your pans are still packed, but you want kale chips, just bust out a homemade foil pan!  Worked like a charm.

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I have a lot of ingredient filling to do!  There is no reason NOT to use mason jars for storing bulk goods.  They are insanely cheap, in comparison to other food storage containers.  I have a few of those OXO pop-lid containers, but really they are just “ok” and cost a butt-load.  I would say they average $10-20 for ONE container.  For a 6-pak of 1/2 gallon mason jars, you will pay $9.99…TOTAL for all six.  I picked these up at Ace Hardware.  They had a HUGE canning section, which I’m really interested in trying to start.  I also bought 2, 8-paks of the white twist on lids because the metal tops can get annoying.

We have a “sanitize” mode on the dishwasher now, which is how I cleaned these. 

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And then we ate a completely random but delicious meal :)

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And then we went to bed.  Or ate a peach + then went to bed.


Hoping to get a real workout in tomorrow!  It’s been almost a week!