the family says hello

So much to say, but I’m short on time.  A few things I will tell you…

  1. Comcast didn’t deliver our internet install box, surprise surprise – because of the holiday weekend, it should now hopefully arrive today.
  2. The moving-out was tiring and took about 6hrs total, with the help of our friend Ben.  I helped load boxes and then cleaned while the boys puzzle-pieced everything into the slightly-to-small-22-foot-truck.  Luckily they are Tetris geniuses and got it all in.
  3. The moving in was MUCH easier.  We loaded all of the boxes in the garage, so we can empty them out 1 by 1.  It’s been way less cluttered and messy looking this way.  Also less overwhelming!
  4. Our new house is SO much better than the Denver house.  I instantly felt “home.”
  5. Despite everything that needs to be unpacked, I feel SO much more relaxed and at ease than the whole time we were in Denver.
  6. I haven’t taken one photo with the dSLR in 4 days!!!
  7. I have photos on my point n’ shoot but forget it at home.
  8. My family has supplied today’s Edible Perspective :)

My mom cooked a huuuge meal for the family yesterday.  Wish I was there!!! 

Dessert was from courtesy of a recipe from Ashley (never home)maker’s blog!  My mom made the apple cider pound cake she featured recently.  Yes, my mom reads food blogs ;)

A future food photographer in the making!


Different angle.


Above view.  Good job mom!!


And now for a little contrast…she switched up the mat below.  So proud :)


Jenna [my cousin] applying the glaze with a *mini spoon.*  <3


Somehow Jenna is already in SEVENTH grade, which I cannot believe.



Seal of approval.


Hi Gram!!! :)


Grandpa, Aunt Sherie + Uncle Alan [my mom’s bro].


The monster [AJ] on the left is in TENTH grade.  Ahhhhh


Hi from Dad!


Jenna + my mom


And now a message from the family, spelled out by my Aunt, Jenna + AJ.  Thanks guys.  Love + miss you all!!


h (2)





‘S’  impressive!



h (1)





‘Y’ perrrrfect!


Opening my email today, I was dying looking at these photos!!!  Thank you to my awesome family for supplying today’s post.  See you all soon…hopefully from internet in my own house! 

I can deal without email for a few days, but being in a new town and not being able to look up where things are online, gets old fast!!

Bye for now!

<3 Ashley