Best of breakfast 2010

And the award for the best hot breakfast cereal of 2010 goes to….

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drumroll please….

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Ground Farro!!!!!!  As if you already didn’t know that…hehehe

I had to start New Years Eve in the best way possible, and this was definitely it!  Vanilla farro, smothered with bananas, almond butter + maple butter.  Deeevine.

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I first discovered you in San Francisco and am so grateful for this find!

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Oh vanilla farro, our relationship has just begun, and already you have been so good to me!!

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New Year’s Eve frothy latte accompanied by hot bowl of deliciousness!

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The 2nd best breakfast of 2010, was the discovery of Scottish Oats.  I ate my way through many a bowl of these delicious, perfectly textured, oats.

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Oh yes.  So so good.

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Remember my Encyclopedia of Oats post??  If you have any confusion on types of oats and how to cook them, check out that post for sure!

The THIRD best breakfast of 2010 was without a doubt the banana scramble

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You just can’t go wrong with ANY part of this.

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Stay tuned for a point n’ shoot photo recap of New Years Eve + Day on Sunday!!  Also, more recaps + best of posts coming soon as well!!  I hope you all have a relaxing, fabulous New Years Day!!