a snapshot New Year

Like you saw yesterday, my morning started off with my favorite breakfast of 2010.

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Vanilla farro, captured with my point n’ shoot camera.

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It was a quick-photo-taking type of day!

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We had such nice weather all December long and then were hit with a blast of COLD!!!

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We hit up the gym for a New Year’s Eve workout!

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Upon returning home, I chugged a very green, kale pumpkin smoothie. 

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It was……earthy. 

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I packed peanut butter + jelly samiches + we hit the road for Denver.

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Doesn’t it just look frigid??

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The sunset looked crazy!  A very cloudy sky with a big gap just over the mountains.

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Chris drove.  I sat.  And slept!

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We arrived at Kurtz + Ann’s house, which was all set up for Ann’s New Year’s Day Birthday Party.  What a fun day to have your birthday!

Fruit + Emergen-C for the morning! :)

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Ann + I started off with a little wine.

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I didn’t drink too much + chugged water + coconut water all night long.  I’m not a fan of hangovers, at all, and still am feeling a bit off.  Sinus issues, blegh!

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Did I mention it was cold??

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We headed to Kyle’s house to meet up with the rest of our friends for dinner. 

Ali was super excited to have found her favorite beer from Maui, Hawaii!  She wanted me to tell you that.  ;)

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Kyle prepped the salad bar, while 3 lasagnas cooked in the oven.

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The DJ station was pumping some tunes.

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Chris dished out some of his latest homebrew, which was really delicious!

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I snacked on raw veggies + feta.  mmmmm fet-uhhhhhh

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I was really enjoying my point n’ shoot camera.  Clearly.

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Ali + me

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Big Swell IPA baby!

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Ann + me 

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Husband! <3

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Kyle = DJ

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Shady McShaderson.

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Freshly baked garlic bread thanks to Hovan.  I told you I have a bunch of foodie friends!

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Ooey gooey lasagna.

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I haven’t had real deal lasagna in FORever.  There were 2 with meat and a white sauce veggie lasagna, with artichokes + mushrooms, that was outstanding.  The cream sauce had the perfect sprinkling of nutmeg in it as well.  Yum!  I chowed down!

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Ann + me + Ali

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Off to the concert!!

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Fabulous night!

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Of course my camera battery died after this photo.  I didn’t plan well!!  No photos of New Years Day but it was filled with more friends + more food.  We’re back in Ft. Collins and figuring out what to do Sunday + Monday.  Might head up to the mountains tomorrow.  We’ll see!