this is the song that never ends…

You do know what song I’m talking about right?  I hope I didn’t get it stuck in your head, like it’s stuck in mine!!  Horrible, horrible song.  Well, are you ready for the post that never ends?  Photos galore!  I’ll try to be brief!

This morning I made a luxurious bowl of creamy buckwheat.  I ground whole buckwheat groats and cooked 1/2c of them in almond milk + water.

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I also added the typical cinnamon/vanilla/flax meal.  In the last 2min of cooking, I added 1c of mixed berries and stirred them until they mixture was pretty and purple!

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Topped with coconut butter + almonds today!

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I went to the doc today an no signs of any infections.  Yay!  Just a nasty cough that will hopefully be gone soon!  I stopped at Whole Foods after, obviously, and picked up some “essentials.”  ie: my juicer was coming today and I needed veggies and 21 other things!

1 of the other things I bought were Udi’s Gluten Free bagels.  5 come in a pack and they were on sale 2/$6, plus I had a $1 coupon.  All of the gluten free bagels + bread I usually see are so small and don’t have much protein + fiber.  These bagels are HUGE and had 6g protein and 2g fiber.  Better than 1g of each, like in the millet bread!  I was excited but hesitant to try them, because I know the texture of GF breads can be funny.

This was not funny.  It was delicious.  The bagel was nice and fluffy, with a great soft texture and awesome crust when toasted.  The flavor was spot on.  I would have never known it was GF.  One of the tastiest store-bought bagels ever!

And then I made this monstrosity…

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I sautéed 1 large portobella and made 2 fried eggs with a little bit of soy-free Earth Balance.  I topped with a sprinkle of salt + pepper.

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I was in bread + egg heaven.

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Then, exciting things start flying through the door!!!

What could it beeeee??  Sorry, I’m still excited….hehehe

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The dogs inspected.

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And there it was…a box in a box in a box!!!  My precious!!!  It has been quite some time since I’ve had a new appliance purchase.  I’ve been eyeing this guy up for a year now.  Luckily, I had a $50 amazon gift card, so I scored this for $50 out of pocket.

I decided to go with the Compact Breville Juicer, #1 because of price and #2 because of size.  It gets amazing reviews too!

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It was quickly disrobed and put to good juicing use!

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Shorter than a Vita-Mix…

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Wider than a food processor…

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Something simple to start.

  • 2 apples
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 celery stalks

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I set the self timer up to take photos while I was juicing.  Exciting stuff people…let’s get started!

The juicer actually seemed bigger than I thought it would be.  I think it’s just the width though.  Really not that bad.

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I didn’t realize this was an ut-oh, until the carrot was juiced.  Somehow the juice cup shifted!


Carrot + apple juice.  BAM!

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Celery Juice. GAG  BAM!

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Mess to clean.  BAM!

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Juicy juice to drink.  Deeelicious.  I love the frothy foam on top.  Fresh juice definitely has a lot of flavor.  For me, it’s been an aquired taste.  One that I’m still getting used to.  I really liked this combo though.

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Very refreshing and oh so pretty!!

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Time for Ashley to try to act subtle + cool.  Are you ready?  I’m not!

Recently, the amazing eco-vegan friendly clothing company, ecolissa, contacted me to try something from their store.  Eco-friendly clothing, free?  Pinch me please!  After checking out the store, I was super excited.  The clothing and accessories are super cute, and I totally stand behind the ethical choices they make with their clothing.  I would say the only downside is the price tag.  However, this seems to be the norm for clothes like these.  The good thing is, they are having a sale right now aaaand I have a 20% coupon code you can always use!

To save 20% at ecolissa, just use the coupon code: eco20

Pretty sweet deal, right?

Looking awkward…

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I picked out this super cute shirt from the store and was so excited to try it on.  I’m a big fan of gray, and love the flowered pattern + off-the-shoulder design.  I also like the stylish but comfy look.  You can dress this down or up.  The best part about it is how insanely soft and comfortable it is, thanks to the bamboo + organic cotton mix.

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Could I have picked a worse spot for this photo shoot?  Shadows much?  Hello door frame!

Trying to look cool to one side…

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And then the other…

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I’m not good with fashion but felt super stylish in this shirt!  Thanks ecolissa!!

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And then another package arrived!!!!!!  This one is for YOU and ME!!  Last year, my husband bought me Terry Walters first cookbook, Clean Food.  I absolutely love it.  I’ve learned so much from her simple, clean way of cooking.  My favorite part is the long intro before the recipes that really teach you about clean eating.  It’s extremely helpful and explains details of so many ingredients.  I had the chance to host a giveaway for that book last year, and now I get to do it again. 

I can’t wait to get reading her latest book.  From quickly flipping through, the recipes look great!  This book also includes simple, stunning, photography.  Heads up fro another giveaway next week!

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And then….my chia seeds came!!!  I bought three whopping pounds of chia seeds.  I wonder how many actual seeds are in this bag!?

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I slowed down my chia consumption recently, for no real reason, but I honestly love these.  They’re packed full of healthy fats, calcium, fiber and protein.

The best price I’ve ever seen, found by my bro-in-law, is on amazon.  Here’s the link!

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Okay…now I’m done.  I told you there was a lot happenin’ today!!