this month

Why hello there!  I feel some double posting days coming on, as I said late last night, that there is a lot swirling around in my head!

Thinking about setting goals for the whole year of 2011 sounds scary.  I don’t really do resolutions, but I always have a to-do list.  I typically add my goals into my to-do list, but they really need to be separate.  Being overwhelmed is never fun.  When it comes to resolutions + goal setting everyone is different.  I have loved reading everyone’s posts on this topic for 2011.  Here are some varying types of goal setting.

  • Ashley [Healthy Ashley] made a list of short term + long term goals.  They range from this month to 10 years from now.  She also broke down her goals into categories: career, health, + personal.
  • Ashley [(never home)maker] set an overall goal for the year, to simplify.  We are one in the same. :)  Her post is very detailed in how she plans to go about this.  My favorite aspect is the idea of “quality over quantity.” 
  • Emily [Daily Garnish] set an overall goal, for this to be her year to take risks!  I love that.
  • Angela [Oh She Glows] made a list of 11 goals to achieve in 2011.  I love that goal #11 is a wildcard.  Can’t wait to see what she has in store!  My favorite on her list is “Ireland or Bust!”  Ireland is amazing!

Last year, I did actually make a resolution [sort of], which was basically to slow down.  If I were to grade myself on this, I think I deserve a C+.  I improved on it slightly, but nothing drastic.  This is always a goal in the back of my mind to keep improving on.  Last year I wrote out some suggestions on how to slow down.  Here is the list:

  • sit with no distractions once a day, and read for at least 15min, not on the computer
  • enjoy your meals at the table [at least dinner!] and keep the TV off
  • make an effort to chew your food more
  • slow down your mind with a yoga session [even just a 20min yoga download!]
  • make breakfast + enjoy it
  • take 3 conscious breaths at random times throughout your day
  • go for a few walks every week, without your ipod/cell phone/etc
  • incorporate a day of rest into your schedule every once in awhile
  • turn off the tv
  • get outside for activity

You must remember that slowing down your day, takes more time, but that is kind of the point!  In the process of slowing things down, your experience time lengthens, which will hopefully create a more calm + relaxed state of mind.

I think I should go back and look at my old blog posts more often!  Completely forgot about that post.

Here are January’s goals.  All of these are completely attainable, if I stay productive.  I’ll reference back to this list in 2 weeks and at the end of January, to see what I was able to accomplish.

  1. open Etsy shop selling prints
  2. redesign blog –  I want to create a cleaner version of what I already have.
  3. finish Into Thin Air
  4. start + finish Eating Animals
  5. start detox Monday, January 10th – will explain more soon!
  6. figure out a way to include all of these things in my workouts properly
    • swimming
    • cycling
    • lifting
    • climbing
    • walking/running
    • yoga
  7. rent a violin

That about sums it up!