pure2raw {guest post!}

Over the next few weeks, you may see some guest posts popping up.  The fabulous Lori + Michelle, from pure2raw, are starting things off today.  They are twin sisters that not only write an amazing blog, but also run Twin Cakes Bakery, a gluten free, vegan, raw bakery!  They are a true inspiration not only in the kitchen, but with fitness as well.  A huge thanks to the unstoppable duo, L + M!!   

Hello Edible Perspective readers! We are so thrilled and honored that Ashley asked us to do a guest post for her. I had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend Ashley at last year's FoodBuzz festival. Plus Lori and I have learned some really great photography tips from her! I write a blog with my twin sister, Lori over at pure2raw.com. Today we are sharing our top 5 favorite workout moves as well as our favorite 5 ingredients along with some recipe ideas! Lori and I do all of our workouts at home, which it is going on about 2 years now. We are not personal trainers; we are just two girls that just love fitness and love to sweat! We love short, intense at home workouts, Insanity started this love and now we love our HIIT workouts (mainly from bodyrock tv which we have been doing now for over 1 year and they have changed our life forever) . Since we do not have a lot of time to workout these HIIT workouts are great! Also we love to jump rope, do some yoga, and now getting into Physique 57. Here are our 5 workout moves we are loving lately. We love how they are full body and great at getting the heart pumping. 1) Star-Jump: we love this exercise because we grew up playing volleyball and this was one exercise we loved. it really works the lower body and great for a little cardio.

[I played volleyball too!!  Love the Vibrams, ladies!!] 2) Jump rope: we have been really getting into jump roping lately, the main thing we do for cardio. 3) Knee Hug for abs: love this one for our abs and helps strengthen our core 4) push-ups: we do these almost everyday. we feel push-ups are great especially on those days when we don't have much time to workout.

[I am also a huge fan of pushups!] 5) Monkey push-ups: great for the whole body! plus fun to say the name now time to share our favorite ingredients. it was hard to pick our top 5 ingredients as we love so many. 1) avocado: we eat these daily so satisfying and good for you too! avocados are great for making mint chocolate layered cakes and great for making savory avocado donut with avocado frosting

2) chia seeds: we our obsessed with making chia seed puddings, they are perfect for our pre-workout meals  mint chip chia seed pudding

chia seeds are also great for baking like our soft gluten-free low sugar carob chia cookies

3) coconut: our go to fat! we use coconut oil for so many things from making raw desserts.. baking with...to cleaning our faces. just love this stuff! we also love coconut milk , coconut flakes and coconut butter! coconut milk used in donuts and coconut oil used in cashew frosting of our beet donuts coconut butter is great for making smooth and rich cremes like in our homemade mallomars

[oh how I love coconut butter]

4) pumpkin: we love using pumpkin all season long newest creation is our grain free pumpkin muffins loved making pumpkin cookies from sprouted flours

5) hemp seeds: one of our main sources of protein and we just love the nutty flavor it provides recipes. artichoke sauce made with hemp seeds

[hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp protein…love them all!] hemp seeds are usually in our post workout smoothies like this cilantro apple hemp smoothie and of course we love all types of legumes and buckwheat to make ourselves socca which we know Ashley loves as well! these are just some of our favorites that we enjoy! we hope you learned something new or inspired to try something new! Thanks again Ashley for letting us do this guest post for you and thanks to Ashley's amazing readers. We hope you stop over to pure2raw sometime to say hi! xoxo Lori and Michelle

Thanks again ladies!! ~Ashley