5 things Wednesday

1]  My mom picked up this French Meadow gluten free bread for me, and it is quite delicious.  However, I still think I like Udi’s GF bread the best.  The bread below has great flavor and is quite nutrient dense in comparison to most GF breads.  I don’t buy GF bread too often because of the price tag, so this was a fun treat.   

photo 1

2] Last night I made a double batch of lasagna, using Jenna’s recipe for tofu ricotta + my simple red sauce recipe.  I made this for my mom, dad, uncle, aunt, 2 teenage cousins and brother.  It was everyone’s first time eating tofu, and they were all shocked it was tofu and not ricotta.  They loved it!  My favorite thing about this lasagna, is it doesn’t become a pile of wet slop after baking.  The key is using a really thick red sauce and not loading it with watery vegetables.  Simple + delicious. 

The only thing I varied from Jenna’s recipe was using fresh spinach, and processing it with the tofu, instead of stirring it in.  It was completely bright green!  A nice festive Christmas dish, with the green + red sauce contrast!

[I used Tinkyada GF organic brown rice lasagna noodles, and par-cooked them in boiling water, before laying them in a pan.]

photo 2

3] I got to visit with one of my favorite people today, for 5 short, but awesome hours.  And I also got to hand deliver her peanut butter cup donuts.  She approved! 

We didn’t cook together, or take any food photos [except for the donuts].  Instead, we talked non-stop the entire time.  Per usual.  We also dined at a super fancy restaurant called, Chipotle.  It was a fantastic day.

photo 3

4] I miss Trader Joe’s and it misses me back.  My luggage is going to be filled with TJ’s goodies.  Too bad I can’t take a case of two-buck-chuck as a carry-on.  Because I seriously would.

 photo 4

5] I haven’t broken out my dSLR camera since I’ve been home.  Sometimes breaks are good.  Instead, I’ve been working my hiney off editing people-photos and working on the photography website, which will soon be complete! 

See you Thursday…and maybe there will even be REAL photos!