i talk a lot

Are you ready for a totally random post?

I haven’t been to the store all week.  And really, I haven’t been to the store since LAST Tuesday.  We’ve been running on boxes, cans + freezer veggies for far too long.

The only creative thing I’ve made this week is my quick bake.  And I’ve made that everyday, at least once. 

Chris has had the car this week, but I’m hoping to steal it tomorrow.  And by steal it that means, I’ll have to drive + pick him up from work, so I can use it to buy food.  We’re pretty much out of scooter season, which is what he would typically ride to work on days I needed the car.

I don’t do the scooter.  Not my thang.

So, this is a result of all of that.

1.  I haven’t updated you with workout posts, like I said I was going to 2.5 months ago, because I’ve had a nagging foot injury.  My workouts have been a snoozefest.  They  have consisted of riding my road bike indoors on our trainer, swimming at the indoor pool, and lifting weights in our office/dog cage room/linen storage room.  But good news!  After majorly resting my foot [no going on walks for 2 months, lots of icing, babying it as much as possible], it’s finally feeling better.  San Fran definitely put it to the test.  And all of that describes my excitement for the below photo.

I can finally walk the dogs again!!! It has seriously been over 2 months!  Chris has been biking them instead, but I have missed our walks.  And one other thing to note.  Do you see that Kenna is walking RIGHT by my feet??  No pulling!!  After going through 12 weeks of dog training classes + 2 private sessions, our dogs have made major strides!

photo 1 (2)

2.  How is your get shit done month going so far?  Get anything done this week?  Yesterday, I worked on replacing all of our outlet plugs, switches + cover plates.  Before, they were nasty, yellow + covered in paint.  Extremely annoying, but SO glad it’s 85% done. 

photo 1

3.  I need to write “take a shower” on my to-do list.  And, “clean the bathroom.”

photo 2

4-a.  Why is half of our kitchen on the kitchen table?

photo 2 (2)

4-b.  Why are the dogs confused?

photo 3 (2)

4-c.  Well, they sort of always look confused.  But they were doubly confused because I was emptying everything from the kitchen to the dinging room.  Why you ask?  Our concrete counters were being replaced today.  By more concrete counters.

Another reason for my lack of a recipe!  Excuses, excuses.

You may remember when the guys from Greyrock Concrete installed our counters back in the spring.  Well, there was a defect with the sealer, that caused our counters to leave white marks underneath everything that touched them.  Wet things, dry things, some marks even appeared out of thin air!

photo (15)

5.  Seeing that Greyrock is an awesome team, who fully stands behind their work, they completely replaced the counters after trying to repair them twice.  Sometimes things like this happen.  Products, like sealers, don’t always work the way they’re supposed to.  No big deal!  Things are now looking as good as new!

We made a few changes for round 2.  Instead of being matte they are now shiny.  So shiny you can see yourself in them!  I will take a better photo, with a real camera, soon.

photo 5 (2)

6.  Now why am I showing you another photo of Kenna?  Well, to display another HUGE accomplishment the dogs have made.  THREE guys, that the dogs didn’t know, were in our house for about 5 hours.  I put the dogs in a down-stay [staying in the lie-down position] and they literally did just that.  They both let out a few barks, but NO rushing to the door, NO jumping, NO craziness.  They were completely calm in less than 5 minutes.  They moved to their beds, and were on them for most of the day.  Unless you’ve been to my house, you have no idea how big of a deal this is.  Right Kelsey?  This has taken a lot of hard work, and mamma is proud!

photo 4 (2)

7-a.  So what happens to the old counters?  Why not use them as a table top surface in our office?  Remember the night stands I moved on Monday?  I had bigger plans for those!  While I realize this does not look 100% amazing, it is extremely functional and FREE.  I do have plans to repaint the nightstands, but that’s not even on my to-do list right now.

photo 1 (3)

7-b.  We needed a place for our printer, router, mirroring hard drive system, etc.  Yes, we have a desk on the other wall, but all of those objects took up too much space, leaving nowhere to work.  We also cut two large squares from the rest of the counter, to use as tabletops on our porch, when we eventually redo it.  Hopefully this summer??

photo (14)

So that is all the randomness I have to share with you today. 

Have you gotten anything done that you’re proud of this week?

I finally tackled my photography website, which has been 50% complete for far too long.  The homepage slideshow is now updated, and the portfolio pages are finished.  The only other page to complete is the FAQ page, which I’m about to start right now.

Thanksgiving recipes are coming next week.  Promise!