something for the holidays

First.  A continuation of randomness from Friday.

I finally went to the store, and after 2 weeks of not going, I forgot how to shop.  I had no list, no recipes in mind, and left with the most random groceries ever. 

Seriously.  What can I do with 5 cans of pumpkin, 1 carrot, 1 grapefruit, kale, and cottage cheese?  Whole Foods finally got their 365 brand pumpkin puree in.  It’s only $1.29/can and tastes better than the organic.  I’ve been anxiously waiting for this!

photo 1

Yesterday, I made a double batch of my triple chocolate donuts.  I made 6 in the donut pan and 6 in a muffin tin.  Because of my completely spaced out grocery trip, I left without eggs or applesauce.  So, I decided to make the vegan version, and sub pumpkin in for the applesauce.  Little did I know, I was also nearly out of sucanat, so I subbed in brown rice syrup for half of the sugar.

I forgot to decrease the milk amount to make up for the brown rice syrup addition.  After testing them 3-4 times during baking, they would just not firm up.  What I first thought was a disaster, may have turned into a new + favorite recipe.

It was like eating a gooey brownie, with a crisp, chewy crust.  These will be made again very soon.  This time on purpose, and with a recipe to show for it.

photo 2

My desk is now cleared off.  Maybe we can finally use our office as an office!

photo 3

The repurposed concrete counter has been set up with our printer + various other things.  Organizational success!

photo 5

And now, something for the holidays, or really anytime.

My extremely talented cousin, Courtney, recently launched a paper design company. 

Brand E Paperie and Custom Design


She started this company, while also working a full time job, and has done a truly impressive job setting it all up.  Courtney offers everything from wedding invitations + thank you notes, to holiday cards + custom logos.  Below is a sampling of her greeting cards, which are just way too cute.  My favorite is the Santa Claus!



So why am I telling you about all of this?  Well, Courtney and I worked out a fun holiday offer for Edible Perspective readers!  With the holidays quickly approaching, I know you guys are already on the hunt for finding the perfect holiday photo cards to send out to your families.



If you head over to Courtney’s site, from now until November 30th, you can enter to win a pack of 25 free personalized stationary cards!  And, just for entering you will be given a 10% discount code, which can be used on any holiday card purchase!

Check out this link for the details! –> Fall Stationary Giveaway!

I’m not just promoting Courtney because she’s family.  I’m promoting her because I am completely impressed with the professional business she has created, while also holding a full time job.  Her designs are simple + unique.  With how active you all are on Etsy + Pinterest, I know you’re always looking for new + creative finds, just like this! 

Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far!  Back tomorrow to talk about some exciting news!!!