what to do with all those cranberries

A quick Sunday hello, with fabulous ideas on what to do with all those cranberries, besides making cranberry sauce. 

If you missed Angela’s winter salad + cranberry dressing, you need to check it out.  Full of color, flavor, and a great contrast to a rich holiday meal.

I’ve made this 3 times in the past 2 days and it will be eaten again today.  The only thing I added was Love Grown Foods Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola.  The perfect crunch and slightly sweet addition, in lieu of croutons.

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The only thing better than the salad, is the dressing.  This is a great way to use up extra cranberries you may have in your fridge.  But it’s also worth buying a bag, just for this dressing.

Prettiest dressing ever.

And so dang delicious. 

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Now I’m about to get all domestic on you!

Another way to use leftover cranberries and maybe some herbs you have rotting in your fridge?


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For a whole $1.68, I bought 1 bag of cranberries and made up this quick centerpiece idea.  A few years ago, I filled large hurricane vases with water and green leaves, then added cranberries and a white floating candle on top.

So pretty + festive and comes together in a snap.

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I don’t have the hurricane vases anymore, so I just pulled out other pretty glass items in our cupboard, filled them with water and placed the cranberries on top.

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You could definitely spruce up this setting more with putting greens in the center of the table, or a nice table runner.  Neither of which I had, or wanted to buy.  To throw a little more color in there, I filled two small mason jars with cranberries and stuck in fresh thyme and rosemary.

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This took about 10min to arrange.  It ended up a little Christmas-like, but with the plates + fall napkins it all evened out. 

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Dinner with friends felt so much more special with this festive little touch. 

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Enjoy the rest of your day!  I’m about to get working on a dessert, edit people photos, and hopefully head out for a brisk, but sunny bike ride.