hello, Sunday

Gooooood morning!! 

Last night, complete exhaustion set it and I just couldn’t open my computer.  I figured I could get this post up while my breakfast was baking away this morning though!  The local natural food store [Natural Grocers] has been out of raw buckwheat groats for a few weeks now!  I’m all out and so sad.  I’m trying a bake this morning made with oat flour that I just ground in my blender.  We’ll see how it works!

Yesterday, after feeling a bit overloaded with eggs + maple syrup, I stuck with a simple batch of Steel Cut Oats.  

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I love the crunch + chew that Steel Cut Oats retain after cooking them.  It was packed with almond milk, banana, cinnamon, and vanilla.  Toppings included: Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness, currants, PB and walnuts. 

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Every last bite was enjoyed, but about 3 hours later I was already hungry again.  Nothing holds me over like the buckwheat bakes, especially this monstrosity.

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I thought I would show a few house photos from yesterday.

I know you can’t really tell here, but it’s evident in person.

There are lines on my ceilings!!!  They’re most noticeable in the living + dining rooms and were driving me nuts.  I don’t think I was using enough paint on the roller, but also think it had something to do with the paint.  I’ve been using a lot of Olympic No-VOC paint from Lowes, and it’s just not cutting it!  I’ll be giving a huge paint review when things are more wrapped up and go over the details. 

The ceilings were repainted with another brand of No-VOC paint, which also didn’t cover the best.  I may go insane if I have to paint them a 3rd time!

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I’m excited to start painting the walls today.  We’re using Mythic Paint [which so far has been lovely!] which was given to me free by Mythic, in return for a review.  I have two cans of color for the walls, that will be used in the living + dining room + super small hallway.

Yesterday, Pat [Chris’s bro] came up to help for the day.  The boys got a bit of dry-walling done and helped me tape off the ceilings and paint some trim.

This is what used to be the doorway, in the master bedroom, that went into the bathroom.  We’re closing it up, since there is only 1 bathroom in the house.  We want it a bit more private and that door took up a LOT of wall-space in the small bedroom.

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Remember our lovely opening??  My uncle had to get a bit creative fixing it, because the electrician made quite the mistake when he cut holes out of the structural beam running at the top.  Eeeek!  The wall isn’t structural for the house standing up, but it’s structural for that part of the ceiling + beam above to not fall down!

We had a lot of new wiring done too.  We needed a few extras switches + outlets installed, along with power for a dishwasher and disposal, which were not previously in the house.  The wiring for the washer + dryer were also flipped around, so they are no longer in the kitchen!

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Crazy tools, that my uncle is letting us borrow.  See the DeWalt compressor on the right?  I fell off a ladder onto that the other day and have the bruise to prove it.  OW!

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This closet will soon be extended out and split in half.  The washer + dryer will be on one side, and the other will be for clothing.  There is just no other logical place for the w/d to go.

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Drywall masters!

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You can see the back of our fridge in the kitchen now!  We had that delivered last weekend.  It was actually a Craigslist find and is brand new!  We didn’t realize the owners would be taking the refrigerator [somehow overlooked that!] and panicked when we realized we had to buy another big appliance.  Then, we also realized, we had to buy a counter-depth fridge because of it’s location.  Typically refrigerators are about 36” deep.  The counter depth fridge is about 27” and of course costs more because it is a special size.  Luckily we found exactly what we wanted on CL.  Like I said, it was brand new and the owner delivered it for a total cost of $1000.  It retails for over $1700, so we considered that a great deal!

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Woohoo!  Hole is covered!

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Bathroom side still needs some work!

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Isn’t the vanity area lovely?? hahaha 

We’re hoping to do a complete bathroom remodel in 1-2yrs.  For now, we’ll just be making a few easy changes to clean it up a bit. 

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We will be removing all of the handicap accessibility bars and filling them in with caulk. 

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I finished painting all of the trim yesterday, which I was so excited about.  It ended up looking great.  There are a few pieces that have to be replaced, that will need painting, but that is 90% done!

We decided to paint all of the trim white, so it looked bright + clean.  We first went with a semi-gloss finish, but it was way too shiny for my  liking.  Luckily, I only painted a few areas to test, and then realized I didn’t like it.  From there, we decided to move 1 step down to a satin finish.  Still has a nice shine and very easy to clean.

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The kitchen is coming along as well.  The boys + my uncle hung some dry wall to cover the holes where the soffit was ripped out.  We’ll also be plastering everything over, to get a nice smooth finish so the walls can be painted.

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There isn’t a ton we can do today, because we’re waiting on a few things, but I’m hoping to finally get color on some of the walls!!

We shall see! :)