full steam ahead

I got a TON done today.

My to-do list was revamped from yesterday, but whaddya gonna do.  Things change! 

For a change, I made a slurpable breakfast this morning.  It was stupendous!!  Recipe soon!

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The dogs were out of food, so I made my way to the pet store.

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I needed to replace the tube for this bike wheel, which goes on my single-speed bike.  We’re making so many trips back + forth to the house, but it’s finally nice enough out that we can ride.

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While we’ll be packing a lot in boxes, we bought storage bins [20 gallon size] to pack as well.  We’ve accumulated a handful of these over the years and they’re awesome to store things you don’t need daily access to.  These will come in handy for shed storage, that is not 100% weatherproof.  They were on sale at Target for $6!

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A few other bike parts to finally get my clipless pedals on my road bike.  Should have done this last year…whoops!  I’ll be practicing clipping in + out, while on my bike trainer.  I’m trying to prevent as many spills as possible!

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The most ridiculous photo ever.

Let me zoom in for you.

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Kenna’s front legs look broken and I don’t even have words for Dakota!

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Need to clean up my inbox!!!

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Our current house is turning into quite the disaster zone.  We did find some boxes from a liquor store.  Now, if I could only find the time to fill them up!

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The couch bed has been working out just lovely.  Dakota thinks so too.  She hogs it when we leave.

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Got to the grocery store + replenished the veggies AND buckwheat!  Yay!

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A few new on sale snacks.  I’m not huge on seaweed but wanted to try these.  They were on sale for $1, and I couldn’t resist.  Quite addicting and reminds me of sushi.

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Hmmmm, I don’t think this is a good sign.  Found this guy on top of the fridge.  Oops!

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Typically I don’t buy that many snacks.  These gluten free snacks are especially pricey.  However, today they were on sale and there was a $1 coupon.  They flavor is good but they taste…well…twiggy.  They’re just okay.  I wouldn’t buy them again.

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Is the best yogurt ever!  It’s actually made by a local dairy, right here in Colorado.  Their milk is outstanding and they sell milk, yogurt, eggs + cheese at many of the local farmers markets.  If you EVER see this yogurt in your store, buy it!  Honey is my favorite flavor.  Not too sweet.  Juuust right.

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I finally sat down to lunch + scarfed this all up.  Leftover brown rice pasta, with my super easy red sauce, greens + walnuts + 30 sec dressing, and the luscious Noosa from above.  Chowed down.

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Stocked up on BUCKwheat!!  This is what raw buckwheat looks like.  It’s a light green/tan/yellow color. 

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32oz jar.


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Kenna Beans!!

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A better look at the paint.  Still looking pink-ish from the paper, but you can see the slight gray/cream color.

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Love the shadow from the arched wall!!

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And lookie what we have here!!!!

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A second arched wall opening!!  My uncle just installed these today!  SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!  Chris + I love them!  I got a lot of painting done today and my uncle made the arches and hung more drywall.  One of my besties, Laura, is coming to help me paint tomorrow.

AND, we found out our IKEA kitchen shipment comes tomorrow.  It’s getting crazy!!  We have 2 large shipments coming [long story why it’s 2 shipments, not 1] and the first comes tomorrow.  It’s over 1300 POUNDS of kitchen cabinets. 

Send help now!

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I picked Chris up from work [scooter has a flat tire…which I find hilarious for some reason] and then we went baaack to the house.  We finally got home at 8pm, which is when I started working on this masterpiece.

Don’t underestimate the art of simplicity.

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  • kale chips
  • baked tater
  • Eden Organic baked beans
  • hot sauce
  • sharp white cheddar cheese

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Alter Eco Chocolate for dessert [THEE best ever] and off to JUMP into bed.

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Slurpable recipe coming up this afternoon!