lucky number 7

Window replacement started today.  I figured we would successfully get one window in, two max, and that it would take hours.

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Luckily, my uncle is a window sleuth.

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Chris + Pat took all of the storm windows out, while my uncle was replacing our windows one by one.

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I was obviously still building cabinets.

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The kitchen windows were put in first, within a blink of an eye.  We were able to use the existing jambs [window framing in the wall] which helped immensely.  Reconstructing the jambs would have been a lot more work and money.  I’m so glad retrofitting them in, worked so well!

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Before we knew it…

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SEVEN windows were in place!

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7 down, 7 to go!  A lot of windows for such a small house!

Only 2 of the 14 old windows even opened.  There were painted shut and had a really old pulley system that didn’t work too well.  4 windows had broken glass and one window was missing!  This is quite the improvement.

I was in shock.  I never thought we would get the windows in before moving.  It’s a fairly messy project and will be so nice to have completed.  We’ll be re-trimming the windows sometime soon.

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Officially wiped out.

Officially going to bed.

Officially going back to the house in the AM!

Officially less than one week away from moving day!

I’m out!