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House photo time!!

Here is the last peak before moving in! 

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ALL 14 windows are now in place.  AMAZING!

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You can actually see through them and open them all.  Double score!  I can’t wait to get the trim up in the next few weeks!

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The door that was once there has been completely patched over.  My uncle worked his butt off on getting the drywall smoothed out with drywall paste.  No easy task!

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Cabinets will be moved into the kitchen before Saturday and IKEA shipment #2 came yesterday!  A boat-load more to put together! 

couch/chair/desk/armoire/dresser/nightstands/etc – We’ll take our time with these! :)  Kitchen is priority.

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The yellow wall is no more!

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The bathroom is currently being painted.  Well, I will be continuing with it in 20min when I’m back at the house!  The awful green paint will be gone.  Wish I could say the same for the tile!  Blegh!  We’re painting it bright white so it feels clean + big!

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The middle bedroom/office is loaded up with all of our kitchen doors.

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The nasty green kitchen paint is now in the past.  I can’t wait to use our shiny new fridge!

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I can’t believe there will be a full kitchen in here soon!

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Loving the arch!!  I still am in shock at what a difference it made to open up that wall. 

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3rd bedroom – the construction zone

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This closet will be finished after we move in! 

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Just wanted to post a quick update.  Back to the house!


[if you didn’t get the title of the post…our last name starts with “Mc” ;)]