I’m either…

…cooking…cleaning…packing…painting…lotion-ing my poor hands…or pulling paint out of my hair.

Numerous people have asked when our move-in date is.  That would be THIS Saturday.  Hence the craziness. 

The kitchen will not be finished for at least another week.  I’m totally fine with that!  Being inconvenienced for a week or two is really no big deal.  It’s such a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things!

So, how will we get by?

Grains + Beans

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I’m currently soaking a LOT of grains + beans to boil sometime today.  Once they’re cooked, I’ll portion them and freeze them in freezer bags.  Then we can thaw them in the fridge as needed and heat them in the microwave.  I don’t typically depend on the microwave, but for 1-2 weeks, it’s not going to kill me!

In the bowls:

  • black beans
  • chickpeas
  • brown rice
  • farro
  • unidentified small red beans…can’t remember what these are!

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For breakfast, I plan on eating a lot of overnight oats and smoothies.  We will not have a sink so I’ll be washing things in the shower.  hehehe

We’re going to set up our large dining room table with the coffee maker, toaster, a few plates, silverware, cups and all the other necessary kitchen things.

The waiting will be worth it!

Breakfast this morning was a mix of buckwheat groats, steel cut oats + pre-cooked millet.  It was a GIgantic bowl

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The bowl is actually for whisking eggs.  My mom got it from me at an art fair this past summer.  It’s perfectly shaped to hold and place your thumb where the depression is in the back of the bowl.  Then you just whisk + pour!  Or, you can just use it for breakfast. :)

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Can’t wait to have our mock-kitchen all set up!!  Today was INtense to say the least.  I painted for a total of 7hrs.  My arms feel like jelly but it’s done!  I know there will be touch-ups here and there and the 3rd bedroom will need to be painted when the closet is finished, but everything that can be painted is painted.  Woohoo!  Tomorrow I’ll be installing the legs on our base cabinets, while my uncle installs the sub-floor to go under the kitchen tile.  Once that is in place, we’ll get the bottom cabinets attached, and then move the upper cabinets in the kitchen to get them out of the way. 

After that, starts the cleaning!  What’s on the cleaning list? 

  • scrub the crapola out of the bathroom [it’s a mess from cleaning all of the painting related things]
  • pull up nasty paper covering the wood floors, which is sure to be a huge dusty mess
  • wipe down walls with wet towels to remove all dust + dirt
  • vacuum
  • mop wood floors – need to research mops right now!

Aaaaaaaaand breath!  I think I’m going to sleep for 24hours Saturday night!  We have a bunch of friends coming up on Saturday to help move, which will be fabulous.  Once things are moved in, which really shouldn’t take too long, it’s time to relax!  One of our favorite bands, Trampled By Turtles, is playing Saturday night and we’re all heading to the show.  Unless I face plant into bed first!

Speaking of face planting into bed….