a plastic robe

I’m out of eggs. 

What do I do???

Luckily, the other day I spotted local + organic eggs our food co-op.  Looks like I’ll be heading there tomorrow!  The winter farmers market ended, and now I’m anxiously awaiting the summer market.  I don’t think it starts until June!! 

Despite an egg-less fridge, the buckwheat bake lived on.  I’ve made many bakes with a flax “egg” instead of a real egg and they’ve worked really well.  The texture is a bit different, as is the taste, but still filling + delicious.  I made the pumpkin bake with a flax-egg sub.  The “egg” didn’t gel like usual, and my bake turned out really flat.  The best way to make a flax egg is by grinding your own flax seeds!!  I failed to do this, because I’m trying to eat down my stash of pre-ground flax meal [always store in the fridge!].  I can’t even tell you how big of a difference it makes.  It becomes much more egg-like/gelled when you grind your own flax seeds.  Just pop the seeds in the blender and let ‘er rip!

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Despite the flatness, it was still delish.  I drizzled it with mango butter, coconut almond butter, walnuts + raisins.

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Then it was tile time! 

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This is where I left off yesterday.  Going around the window trim is the hardest part!

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If you’re wondering about the little white things, sticking out from the tiles, they are spaces.  You stick them in to keep the 1/16” space throughout, so the spacing looks nice + even.  It would be next to impossible to hold an even line, without using spacers.  Once I’m done tiling, the spaces will be filled with grout.

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To protect myself from the wet-saw water shower, I wore a nice plastic robe today.  Instead of having wet pants, I had really wet feet.  The water just ran right down the plastic.  Duh.

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My stomach grumbled for lunch + 5min later I sat down to chomp away on this. 

  • Udi’s GF cinnamon raisin bagel, toasted
  • pumpkin puree
  • thinly sliced apple
  • 1/4 block tempeh [toasted in the toaster!]
  • peanut butter

Ridiculous, I know.

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This was everything I was hoping for and more.  What else do you do while tiling, but think about the next meal you’re going to eat!  I shed a tear with the last bite.  You would have too!

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If you compare with previous tile photo, you can tell that I finished the third row.

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It took forever!!!  The thin pieces below the window trim were really hard.  They were all slightly different sizes.  I kept having to cut one, then it wouldn’t fit, so I had to shave off a hair more and try again.  Believe it or not, I’m enjoying this more than painting.  At least for now.

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The hardest part was this piece!!  It took three tries to get right!  You can’t just turn the saw or the tile to make a straight cut in both directions, to get this “U” shape.  You have to keep making thin cuts, until the inside of the “U” is empty.  There was another complicated aspect to making this cut, but it’s not worth me explaining.  It took a good 20min just for this one piece!

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It goes around the end piece of the cabinet.  Dang cabinet!

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And this is where I stopped for the day.  I got another 2 rows up on the left side.  Making the “L” shape cuts around the light switch were also difficult.  This is taking way longer than I imagined!!  I worked on it for about 5.5hrs today, while the rest of the day was spent with my to-do list.  Tomorrow I will finish this wall and hope to get a a good jump on the sink wall. 

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Despite the craziness, we’re still eating almost all of our meals at home.  Tonight, I somehow made it to the gym, then Whole Foods, and then made tortilla pizzas and giant salads.  100% quick, 100% delicious + super cheap!

We moved in April 2nd, just over 3 weeks ago.  Here’s a breakdown of our meals, eating in or out. 


Ashley – 23/23 at home

Chris – 22/23 at home


Ashley – 22/23 at home

Chris – 15/23 taken to work or eaten at home on the w/e


Ashley – 16/23 at home

Chris – 15/23 at home

Not too shabby for being kitchen-less for 2 weeks + with our general super busy schedules!

Tea time + TV time + Bed time