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I literally took about 20 photos all day yesterday.  It was such a whirlwind and the moving was over in the blink of an eye!  We were able to get 3/4 of the boxes moved on Friday, and having a big group of friends to help on Saturday, made this the quickest + easiest move ever. 

We woke up Saturday, picked up the truck, picked up my overnight oats at the new house and headed to the rental house.  We packed up last minute things, and I got started on the cleaning.  Our friends showed up and had the truck packed in no time.  I literally didn’t move one box in or out of the truck!  The truck was returned back to U-Haul by 1pm and I was out of the rental, mop in hand, by 12:30pm.  I guess I was more organized than I thought!  :)

This is now what the new house looks like.  Ahh!!  We have no idea where to even start with the unpacking, since the 3rd bedroom is under construction and the kitchen isn’t done.  We need a plan of action. 

  • build new dresser so we can empty suitcases of clothing
  • build dining room cabinet to get some dishes away
  • set up dining table as my temporary kitchen

It’s going to be awhile before the decorating starts!  Slowly but surely, we will get it done!

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In other annoying news, Comcast failed us again.  I think that is 3 out of 3 moves where Comcast has messed something up.  This time, I scheduled the internet to be turned on, on Friday.  We went to hook it up today and it of course wasn’t on.  After a 30min phone call, they finally admitted our ticket was closed but no one ever came out to turn it on.  That makes sense…..

So I am currently at my favorite coffee shop, The Bean Cycle, drinking Japanese Green Sencha tea + getting caught up.  The good news is, I can now walk here!!  It was a windy + cold walk, but exciting nonetheless.  Our rental house wasn’t in walking distance to much at all. 

Back to moving day…

We lucked out and had great weather.  It was 70* and sunny.  Today, it’s 35-40, rainy, windy + snowy.  INsane!

Kenna + Michelle, hugging it out. :)

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I think the dogs know they’re “home.”

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bahahahaaa :)

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After a long, but exciting day we headed out to dinner + then to a local venue to see Trampled by Turtles.  They were beyond amazing.  I was blown away.  There was so much energy packed into such a small place.  Loved it!!  Great way to end the day.


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If you’re into bluegrass, you must check these guys out!!  One of my favorite shows in a long time!

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Our friends left this morning and we lazied around for awhile, staring down the boxes.  The boxes won and remained unpacked.

I heated up one of my freezer buckwheat bakes and it was delicious!  Not quite the same as fresh out of the oven, but close enough!

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Topped with jelly + cashew butter.  It was not easy to find a spot on the table to photograph!

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After this, I went back to bed and was in + out of consciousness until 2pm.  Yup.  I had a lazy Sunday.  I honestly haven’t done that in years.  I haven’t slept in, in months.  It was fabulous.

I’m hoping to make a lot of progress this week.  Our kitchen should be completely done in 2 weeks.  The countertop guys are coming to template the base cabinets tomorrow.  We’re having concrete countertops custom made by an amazing local company, Greyrock Concrete Design.  They made us a few color samples this weekend, and I can’t wait to check them out! 

Before I go, a few people asked for the “before” house photos.  I can’t wait to see the difference when it’s actually all done, but still a huge difference already!

All of the “before” photos, are with the original tenants belongings.

3rd bedroom

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3rd Bedroom – March 29th

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living room before

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living/dining – April 1st

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master bedroom

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master bedroom

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master bedroom

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master bedroom – April 1st [we closed in the door to the left of the closet that went into the bathroom]

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living room, looking into dining + kitchen – take note of the large fan on the wall

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living room, looking into dining + kitchen – April 1st – opening replaced fan on wall…much better :)

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2nd bedroom/office

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2nd bedroom/office – April 1st

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kitchen – April 1st – fridge is on the same wall the w/d used to be on

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kitchen – April 1st – sink will still be under the same window and the stove will be under the opening in the wall

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Such an exciting process!!  I hope to write a post or 2 on how we’ve been dealing with everything, staying as stress-free as possible, and not killing each other. :)  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  We’re off to dinner!