I have to get this post up in under 30min for 2 reasons.

  • midnight bedtime deadline
  • internet gets turned off at midnight!

We had an extremely productive day, despite both of us being sick!  Chris has been sick for a good 3 days now and of course I woke up with a sore throat.  He has more of a head cold thing going on.  The weather has been acting crazy here.  It went from cold to hot in the blink of an eye.  It was 70* today!  Between the weather change and going non-stop for the past month, it was bound to happen.  It’s nothing too bad, but just a bit annoying when we both need to still be in “go” mode. :)

Last bowl of stove cooked oats for quite a while!  I made steel cut and whisked 1 whole egg in at the end.  SO extremely creamy and amazing.  Maple cinnamon almond butter blog blob on top!

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The first thing I did today was scrub the walls + baseboards.  We had all of that paper lining the floors and it was full of dust, which flew around when we rolled it up.  We wanted things to start as clean as possible, so a quick wall wipe down was in order.  It will probably never happen again.  My arm is like jelly.  Then I mopped the floors with this awesome new mop.  I think the brand is “way clean” and it’s from Target.  It worked really well!  To clean the hardwoods I used, 3 parts water + 1 part vinegar + 6 drops peppermint essential oil.  Worked like a charm!

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I wanted to show some photos of the house before all of our crap belongings have been moved in.

We are in love with the hardwood floors, that we finally revealed last night!  So glad the paper is gone!

living looking into dining + kitchen

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master bedroom door to the left

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in the master bedroom - no more door to the bathroom - all patched + painted!

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dining looking into living

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dining looking into middle bedroom/office

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middle bedroom/office

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looking into dining

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base cabinets are installed!

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looooooooove the opening…as I’ve said a million times already

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looking into 3rd BR

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construction mania

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Look at what the wind did to our bomb-proof shed!

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freaking BEAT…but HAPPY

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fixin’ things

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Got a head start today!!  We made 3-4 huge trips with our car and our friend Peter’s truck.  Tomorrow should be pretty quick!  We’re renting a truck and have a handful of friends coming to help.

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Overnight oats are currently waiting for me at the new house in the fridge. 

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Catch you all on Monday!!