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I was overwhelmed with all of your comments + votes [almost 500!] helping me decide which comforter to buy!!  Guess what?  I’m still undecided.  Not a big surprise there.  And I’ve wasted hours looking for comforters.  Hours that I could have been organizing my kitchen cabinets.  Bah!

Your comments really helped though.  You made so many good points.  So, thank you for that!!

Breakfast?  Corny oats, again!  What I want to direct your attention to, are the brownish blobs on top.  I’m out of coconut butter and running low on nut butter, so I decided to make Sarena’s coconut cream again.  This time, however, I added a few things.

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Cinnamon Sweet, Coconut Cream adapted from Coconut Cream

  • 2T coconut flour
  • 4-6T unsweetened almond milk [or other milk]
  • 1t honey
  • 1t cinnamon
  1. Whisk together until smooth.  Add more milk to reach desired consistency.  I used 6T.

Dollop on oats, toast, a buckwheat bake, or just eat with a spoon!

I actually didn’t like it too much paired with the corny oats.  There was too much “mush,” with this bowl being so creamy from the flour + oat bran.  However, it would be perfect on a buckwheat bake or bowl of rolled oats. :)

Can’t find coconut flour in stores?

Buy it here.  Want to make coconut flour at home?  It’s a bit of a process, but definitely doable!

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For lunch?  Something I haven’t made in months.  Something that always seems like it won’t fill me up, but leaves me completely satisfied for hours. 

Puffed Amaranth Cereal!!

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That’s right!!  You can pop amaranth at home, and turn it into a crunchy, soft cereal.  I absolutely love this!!  I’m actually not a huge fan of cooked amaranth, because of it’s distinct earthy flavor.  However, when you pop it, the flavor mellows out quite a bit.

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I pop 1/3c raw amaranth, which makes around 2c popped amaranth.  Follow that link for directions on how to pop.  It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but isn’t too hard. 

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And guess what?  You can whisk/blend fun things in to your milk! 

  • peanut butter or other nut butter
  • chia seeds
  • flax meal
  • cinnamon or other spices
  • protein powder
  • honey/maple syrup
  • maca
  • banana

For this version I used:  chocolate chip cookie dough almond butter [minus the choco chips…I ran out!], flax meal, cinnamon + maca

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This bowl is GIGantic.  The never-ending bowl of cereal you always dream about. 

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I topped this bowl with: coconut, dried figs, + almonds

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Dried figs are spectacular. 

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Almost had an overflowing bowl!

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Cinnamon Puffmaranth [serves 1]

  • 1/3c raw amaranth
  • 1t cinnamon
  • 1.5t honey
  • 1-2c milk [depending on preference]
  • 1T ground flax meal
  • 1t maca powder [opt]
  • 1T nut butter
  • toppings: coconut, dried figs, almonds
  1. Follow these directions for popping amaranth.
  2. Whisk/blend cinnamon, honey, flax meal, nut butter, and maca into the milk until combined. 
  3. Top amaranth with nuts/dried fruit + pour on milk


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Want to know more about this ancient grain? Check here!

Check out these stats!  This is just for the amaranth.  The calcium, fiber, iron + protein stats are quite impressive!


Tomorrow’s agenda:

Kitchen organization extravaganza!!!  I’m trying to at least make it sound fun. haha