wanna’ go for a ride?

A mid day adventure.

Time to grab my bike.

It’s totally secure in there.  I swear.

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Our shed is so neat + tidy.  Cooler….filing cabinet…kayak…you know, the usual.

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I bought this single-speed bike on craiglist, last year, for $100.  I love it for bopping around town and riding to the gym.  The best thing about it are the awesome stickers, put on by the previous owners.

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It was in the low 50’s this morning, so I had a few layers on.  The wind gusts were a little scary, but I made my way to the gym.

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First, I was held up by a train…

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Today I did a mix of legs + upper body.  Feel the burn!  Then, I did an HIIT workout on the best cardio machine ever, for 20min.  I absolutely love HIIT workouts because they are quick and torturous.  Yes, I like to be tortured at the gym.

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I went right around lunch time, silly me, so before leaving for the gym I had a date + peanut butter + apple snack.  After my workout I packed some protein powder [Vega Tropical shake n’ go – from HLS swag] + maca powder

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I mixed it with about 20oz of water + chugged it down.

I really enjoyed it.

That is a lie. 

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My favorite locker room feature, is this awesome locking device!!  No need to bring a lock, or wonder if all your things are getting stolen while you’re pumpkin pumping iron.

You just set, lock + go!

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Bye bye gym!  This is a HUGE gym by the way, with basketball courts, an indoor track, and a huge rock climbing + bouldering area.  Love it!

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Then, if my quads weren’t already on fire, I had to trek over to Home Depot.  Obviously.

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The walls all have a light texture to them [from previous owners], so I had to buy some spray texture to go over the new drywall around the closet.  I would prefer a smooth wall, but we’re not about to start scraping down the walls!

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Then I made my way through town…

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…to stop at the local food co-op.  How adorable is this?  The inside is ever better!!

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Had to the get essentials…

  • tea ball [mine broke]
  • coconut [out of coconut butter]
  • brown rice tortillas [tortilla pizza!!]
  • delicious local tempeh
  • cheese cloth [because I can never find it and want to make my own almond milk]

Random, to say the least!

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Now I’m back home, hobbling around with super sore quads.  Time to texture the closet, do a little painting and then a little furniture building.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!