splatter up

Yesterday I enjoyed a delicious lunch with one of my best friend’s Megan.  We’ve been friends since middle school, when we met playing summer softball.  We’ve stayed in touch over the years and always get together when I come home.  She has 2 kiddos and one on the way, so it was rare that we had a quiet lunch together.  Nap time is a wonderful thing. ;)  I brought in food from a Mediterranean restaurant, Aladdin’s.  I love their food and try to eat there at least once, every time I’m home.

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I have so many preggo friends right now, I can’t keep track!!  Megan is looking super cute and just found out they have a girl on the way!

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Later that night, my dad, cousin Jenna and Uncle Alan went to the Indian’s game.  Of course they lose at the game I come to, but it was still really fun.

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I used to completely stuff my face at baseball games. 

hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, cotton candy

Nowadays, I just eat my weight in peanuts! 

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We did stumble on a gluten free food stand and believe it or not they had a few vegan “hot dog” options too! 

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My dad and I have enjoyed going to games for yearrrrs.  It’s always fun to make one while I’m home!

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We both love blue. :)

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Such a fun night with part of the family!! 

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When I woke up this morning, I planned to make a large green smoothie.  There was a bunch of spinach to use up and no better way than adding it to a smoothie!

As a veteran smoothie maker, I should have known better than to carefully stick a spoon in the blender to tamp down the spinach.  I of course lost my grip of the spoon and then this happened.

10x worse in person

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It flew across to the other side of the kitchen on the pantry + fridge.  It also made quite a mess on the ceiling, wall, trim, and counter.  It took over 20min to clean.  Nothing like a lukewarm green smoothie to start your day! ;)

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I’m off again!!  Hopefully making it back to Jeni’s ice cream tonight and soaking up every last minute with the family that I can!!