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This morning started bright and early.  As you can see the clock says 7:09, but really it’s still like 5:09am for me because I never really transitioned to EST.  I was up til 1-2am every night finishing my posts!  This was the earliest day for me and I was happy to be up to help my mom on her last day of school. 

I left my dad a note last night, telling him I would make 2 kinds of steel cut oats for breakfast.  My dad loves oatmeal, but my mom does not.

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I whipped up 2 full batches, so we could split them both in half.

Batch 1:

  • 6T steel cut oats
  • 1/2 banana, thinly sliced
  • 1c Eden Organic [gf] soymilk
  • 1c water
  • 3/4t cinnamon
  • 1t vanilla [stirred in during the last minute]

Batch 2:

  • 6T steel cut oats
  • 1c Eden Organic [gf] soymilk
  • 1c water
  1. Bring to a boil + reduce heat to simmer, stirring frequently until liquid has been absorbed.  ~12min

2 big scoops in each bowl with the toppings piled on.  Dad loaded up on Love Grown Foods granola and loved it.  I had to bring a bag for my parents to try, since it’s not in stores around here yet.  He also topped with a little banana, but no nut butter.


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I can never make up my mind on my favorite flavor of Love Grown granola.  It might be this one…

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My bowl looked similar, but with a little less granola and a big scoop of fresh ground almond butter.

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I just LOVE the texture of fresh ground almond butter, that you grind at the store.  These oats were smokin’ hot and pretty thick, so we both added a little almond milk to solve the problem.  My dad usually sticks to plain quick oats with cereal on top and milk.  He said he really enjoyed the steal cut but he could only finish HALF of his bowl.  He saved it in the fridge for tomorrow.


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A few people asked what I picked up at Trader Joes to bring back to Colorado.

Last time I was home, I tried out a shampoo + conditioner that I really liked.  The ingredient list was impressive, especially for $2.99!!  I didn’t love the smell of the shampoo, so this time I went for the tea tree mint shampoo.  I also got the body wash, which really leaves your skin feeling cool + tingly!

The shave cream is honey mango.  It smells like something I want to pour all over my oatmeal!

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I packed my carry on with all of the food goodies. 

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My brother was at a fair in Cleveland the other day and he picked up some chocolate for me!!  So thoughtful!!  They are locally made, use fair trade chocolate, and are vegan, soy free, and gluten free. 

Does he know me or what?  Can’t wait to dig in!!

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I picked up Swiss Dark Chocolate bars, which have vanilla bean infused into them!  They also don’t have any soy included in the ingredient list.  I try to keep as much processed soy out of my diet as possible and I don’t understand why it’s in almost all chocolate bars [soy lecithin].  The bars that don’t use it are always the best!

I found lentil chips, which I have yet to try.  They sounded really good and actually had a decent amount of protein + fiber in them!  The peanut butter pretzels [not gf] are for Chris.   

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I bought a bag of almond meal [$3.99!] for baking.  A few of you said that it works great for your baked goods, so I’ll give it a try!  Most almond flour recipes call for blanched almonds [without skins].  The pita crackers are one of my FAVorites, but sadly I can’t eat them anymore.  I bought 2 boxes for Chris!

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They have a new multigrain with flax kind too!  Chris made out like a bandit.  The dark chocolate pnut butter cups are for him too. :) 

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My mom only had a half day, so we got back in plenty of time, but still had a lot to do.  There were a few errands, last minute laundry, and of course, sticking a spoon into this pint of Jeni’s ice cream!!

One spoonful before I go!!

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Okay.  Maybe a few more than one. ;)  I love their slogan.  “cow to cone” !!  I was looking on their website and Jeni’s.  This flavor is good, but the salted caramel has the most silky, creamy texture you can imagine.  A few readers mentioned in the fall they make a sweet potato with torched marshmallow!!!!!  Honestly, that sounds like THE BEST ice cream I could possibly imagine.

I was on Jeni’s website last night and her ice cream is sold in more states than you would think!  I even found store in Denver that has it.  Good thing Denver is an hour away!!  These pints are $10/piece!  Totally worth it for a special treat though.

Talking about Jeni’s and The Root Cafe spurred a lot of Clevelanders to comment on the blog!!  I was so excited about this.  There will definitely have to be a meetup planned at one of the locations next time I’m in town!

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What do you do when your airport is 1hr away, it’s really small, with little to no food options, you’re flying during dinner time and you can’t eat gluten?

Cube + roast a sweet tater and stick it in a container to-go!

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Also, pack a mini gluten free sandwich, in case of a hunger emergency. 

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Roasted with coconut oil and topped with honey + salt!

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This sandwich is a baby!! GF bread is so small. It’s about 3x3 inches and slathered with almond butter + strawberry jelly. 

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Somehow I’m typing up this post in the car, and don’t feel like hurling! haha  Hoping to post when we sit down at the airport.  See you in mountain time!