savory style

I did a complete 180 with my breakfast this morning.

I went savory.

I went without oats.

It was deeeelicious.

You know I love eggs, and I’m definitely a person that can do eggs for breakfast.  I can even do veggies for breakfast, if they are caught in between all of the egg.  Many of you mentioned eating eggs + veggies for breakfast, and that it was extremely filling.  It’s been too long since I’ve cooked eggs for breakfast.

I started by sautéing broccoli + kale in coconut oil.

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Three farm fresh beauties were whisked with a little milk.  About 1T of milk, is key to a nice fluffy omelet. 

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I couldn’t ditch carbs completely, so I included buckwheat millet bread + nut butter on the side.  I can’t stop munching on this bread!

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Ahhh, yum.  I actually popped it in the toaster and it worked perfectly.  This “bread” doesn’t fall apart at all, which I love.  It’s dense + has great chew and a slight crunch from the chia seeds.  The slices were swiped with chocolate chip cookie dough almond butter + salt + pepper cashew butter

One savory + one sweet slice = perfection

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We have stainless steel pans, and I have yet to learn how to make a true omelet with them.  Too hard to flip!  Instead, I just pour the egg overtop, cover the pan with foil and let it cook until the top is done.  It works and is sort of like a fritatta. 

When I poured the eggs over the veggies, I also threw in about 1/3c pre-cooked [in water] quinoa, leftover from dinner.  I’ve never added anything like that to eggs before but it was fantastic.  The extra little crunch was delicious.  It also boosted the protein + fiber!

I also shaved a bit of organic sharp white cheddar on top, along with some s+p.

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I used to like white quinoa best, but now I’m loving the red.  It’s not quite as earthy and has a great crunch!

After taking the photos, I put a dollop of the salt + pepper cashew butter on top of the omelet-frittata [omeletatta?].  I didn’t know what to expect, but it was EXcellent!!!  Better than expected.

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Despite all the protein, fiber, fat, etc. I did need a little morning snack.  I think this was a bit lower in calories than my typical breakfast, but I didn’t calculate it out.  [I don’t typically calculate my meals, but have been doing it more with the breakfast experiments, to gauge things in a bit more detail.]  Still loved it and will definitely work this into the mix more often!

Now…I have a question for you.

What should I do with all of these empty paint cans????

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I feel terrible throwing them all away!  I already have a few ideas, but want to see what you guys can come up with.  I don’t expect to save all of them, but if I can divert any from the landfill it’s better than none!

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