lovin’ on the little ones

I may not have gotten to spend Mother’s day with my own lovely mother + family, but I did get to spend it with one of my best friends + her family.  This Sunday was very different than the past few.  I didn’t do any housework!

I hit the gym this morning, then Whole Foods, Old Navy, and Target.  Since Melissa didn’t know what the sex of the baby was until Friday, I held off on buying gifts until the last minute.  I haven’t shopped for a baby girl in longer than I can remember.  And…it’s dangerous!  So many cute things, especially since summer is around the corner.  The little hot pink skirt, might be the cutest thing ever.  Melissa was beyond excited to open all of these girly gifts!!

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And a little something for Melissa on mother’s day.  I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. 

Flowers + chocolate!!

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.  I just love how fluffy they are after they bloom.

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I also had to get something for the Jakester.  He just turned 2 and I didn’t want him to be sad with a lot of the attention on Samantha.

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Melissa was looking beautiful.  She’s got the mom thing down.  So calm and happy.  She said she was absolutely shocked when her husband said “it’s a girl!!”  She thought he was joking.  Everyone was convinced it would be a boy.


Look at this little peanut.  She is just precious.  I caught her with her eyes open for about 1 minute and whipped out the camera!


Sweet little baby girl.  So far she barely makes a peep!


I couldn’t get enough of her!!  It also made me even more excited about becoming an Aunt in July!!  It’s going to be a girl…better start shopping now!


Looking right at me!


Jake and “gamma” are best buds.  I’ve known Jakes Grandma [Melissa’s mom] for about 15yrs now!  It was so great to see her and she was just thrilled to be with her two grandchildren. 

He loved his new toys!


Jake + I took his new toys outside to play on the deck.


Photogenic much?


After quite a busy weekend, this girl is ready for BED! 

More photos of the kiddos tomorrow!