cleared out

Here are some progress shots, from what my mom and I accomplished yesterday.  We worked pretty non-stop from 3pm – 1am.  It’s not easy to organize a very small house, that has no basement, no garage, and a shed that is less than weather proof.  We managed to make a TON of progress, and I feel so much better. 

Things are less cluttered.  Things are more organized.  I am more calm.  Thank you mom!!

I’ve tried to organize + consolidate things in the house, on numerous occasions.  It’s frustrating and never feels finished.


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After: cage moved, table things 90% organized + put away, metal shelves moved, 9 cube storage moved + cleared out

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We emptied the rest of our book boxes and organized the books in the 9 cube storage shelves.  This is not permanent, but is a good placeholder.  I’m hoping we can make large built in bookshelves at some point.  For now, this does the job!

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Kenna’s cage has moved around the house, to at least 3 locations.  It’s FINALLY out of the 2 main living rooms, and I couldn’t be happier!

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This room was FULL of boxes on Wednesday. 

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We moved the metal shelves, that were holding nothing but randomness, to the 2nd bedroom/office.  This will temporarily serve as our linen storage. 

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The cage was moved into the office.  Although not idea, it’s much better in hear, than in the living/dining rooms.  Dakota does not stay in a cage, but Kenna does.  Kenna actually LOVES her cage.  She also loves chewing on corners of fabric, which we do not love.  Hence why she stays in a cage while we’re gone.  We’re hoping to do away with the cage at some point though!

I’m hoping to get the desk area a bit more organized soon.  It would be nice to actually use it as a desk.  The shoe storage under the desk is not ideal, but working for now.

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It now holds our lines and paper towels/TP.  Much better!

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So much less cluttered!

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There were a few containers with file folders and important papers next to this bookshelf.  I cleared the area out and moved things to the porch.  This small bookshelf is totally overloaded, but like the 9 cube storage, it’s working for now!

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I’m still loving the guest bedroom!!  I’m so so so glad I decided to keep the patterned quilt.  We got a really nice polar fleece blanket [from Bed, Bath + Beyond] to go under the quilt, so our guests stay warm. 

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In lieu of closet doors, I really wanted to hang drapes instead.  We saved at least $50 going the drape route, as opposed to buying closet doors and a door track. 

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I’m so glad we decided to do this.  I think it’s a fun addition to the room, it functions well, and saved us money.  Triple score!

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My mom headed back to Ohio this morning, and I was so sad to see her go.  We had SO much fun the last 2 weeks, and I can’t even begin to say what a HUGE help she was.  Our house has taken a huuuge jump in progress this past week.  I cannot wait for my mom + dad to come back at the end of July!

Deeeeeelicious new breakfast recipe tomorrow!!  Be on the lookout!