party prep!

A little market action to start off the day!

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Do you spot the food item in this bouquet of flowers?

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I luuurve fresh, local flowers!!

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Pretty, but gag inducing. ;)

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2 types of basil!

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Sweet + tart.

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More flowers, taunting me.

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Veggie burger madness!  I made 3 kinds, which I’ll fill you in on soon!  It’s a meat-free partaaay!

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Time to cleanup!  Not much has happened in the house since I last showed you photos.  I did a lot of paint touchups and painted the kitchen window trim white.  Doesn’t look too different though, just cleaner!

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My “mom’s” room is clean!

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Floors are cleaned and still a little wet.

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The furnace closet doors are finally back in place + freshly painted to match the walls.  There are some missing hardware pieces, so they’re sort of just leaning.  Looks better though!

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Have to keep the beast secured while the floors were wet!  And, I can finally use our new desk! 

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New shower curtain + towels that make me tolerate the bathroom.  Still need to hang some shelves + photos. 

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2 new fixtures in there, that were $10 and look SO much better.  Hard to tell in this photo though.  Still needs some major updating at some point.

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Time to get this party started!!  For once, seriously the first time ever, I didn’t stress getting ready for today.  I took my time in the kitchen, didn’t plan to cook too many things, and got everything done I needed without freaking out.  Huge milestone over here. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

<3 Ashley