DIY – 45min fire pit

A few weeks back, Chris declared that we needed a fire pit.  We were planning on using stone pavers and then building up 1.5’ tall walls with bricks, in a circular formation.  When we headed to Home Depot, we realized this project was quickly going to add up.  So, instead we bought a shovel, Chris dug a hole and we filled it with wood.

And guess what?

It totally worked!  Although it was far from being classy. 

Yesterday, while Chris was at work, my dad had an idea to spiff up our fire pit area.  It couldn’t have been any easier!

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First, some weed whacking happened, to tame our backyard weed-grass.

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My mom was a spectator, while my dad and I got to working.  This was the quickest home project I’ve ever completed.  And it made such a big difference!

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DIY Fire Pit – follow at your own risk :)


  • firewood – free! check Craigslist for people selling cheap firewood or giving it away
  • cypress mulch – we used 6 bags which cost $4.95/ea
  • recycled weed fabric – 36” width– blocks weeds from coming through – found this at Lowe’s for $10
  • shovel
  • outdoor chairs – new or old, anything works!
  1. Dig a hole, large enough to hold fire wood. Ours is about 10” deep and 3’ wide.
  2. Mow or weed-whack the area where you are going to mulch, if needed.
  3. Cut ~5’ strips of the weed fabric and lay them around the hole in a circular pattern.  Cut the outer edges to better make the  circular shape.  We cut 5 large pieces and filled in the corners with the spare that we cut off.
  4. Spread mulch overtop, in the circular pattern, making sure to cover all of the fabric.
  5. Walk on the mulch to tamp it down.
  6. Set up your chairs.
  7. Fill the hole with wood + kindle and light a match! Be careful when playing with fire!  I’m not liable. :)

We kept the material about 6” away from the edge of the hole.  Apologies for no exact step-by-step photos.  It was really simple though!

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So much more legit!  And extremely affordable if you already have a set of chairs!

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We got an extremely nice upgrade from our collapsible camp chairs, to these cute + colorful Adirondack chairs.  I’ve had my eyes on these for so long and just love them!

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Much classier!

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Now we just need an electric trimmer to work on that insane bush!

Have fun!!