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A huuuge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Elizabeth!!  She turned 16 on Sunday!!  This Thursday, she will be hitting the streets with a shiny set of keys.  Watch out! ;)

My Ft. Collins family –> Uncle Pete [the uncle that helped SO much with our house + my dad’s brother], Elizabeth, Aunt Cindy

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What did I get this sweet sixteener?

A donut pan + spatula of course!  Elizabeth loves baking and mentioned wanting to learn how to make baked donuts.  We’re hoping to have a donut baking session this week!  Anyone want to join? ;)

Excuse my major grunginess.  We had just gotten home from whitewater rafting!

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I was the only one who didn’t shower after. hehehe

My grandma also made the trip in from Ohio with my parents.  It was so nice to get to show her our house and spend some time together!

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Dad, Grandma [dad’s mom], Elizabeth, Mom

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Got Chris in this one. :)  Happy Birthday cuz!!! <3

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I mentioned we went whitewater rafting and here is the proof!  I obviously couldn’t take my camera, but we got an email copy of one of the photos that was taken along the way.  I’m in the back, next to the guide.  My uncle + dad are up front.  Chris is behind my dad and Elizabeth is behind Chris.  Mom, grandma + Aunt Cindy stayed home for this one. ;)

We had a blast plowing down the Poudre River, on another absolutely gorgeous Colorado morning.  The rapids were really fun, but when it was calm, I enjoyed looking around and taking it all in.  Peaceful + exhilarating all at the same time!


But before I knew it, the time came to say goodbye to grandma + the parentals.  Always the worst part.  Always!  We packed in so many fun activities during their 5 day visit and it was great to finally have my dad make the trip out too!  Can’t wait for their next visit.  Maybe when we demo + rebuild our shed…right dad???

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And now for the Summer In a Box, giveaway winner!

CONGRATS to Erin, who wrote: “I absolutely love all Bumble & Bee products. They’re all organic and wonderful!”  

Thanks for sponsoring this fun summer giveaway, Stonyfield!

Back to photo editing I go!