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I’m sure you’ve seen these 7 links posts floating all around the blog world lately.  The other day, my blog buddies Kelly + Gena, tagged me!  This is such a great idea, that benefits both the reader + blogger.  The reader can get to know the blog/blogger more thoroughly and the blogger can reflect on which posts have made the most impact with their readers.  It’s a win win!

This post really got me thinking, and you will see it was not easy for me!  I’m including a few more than 7 links.  I hope you don’t mind. ;)

1] My Most Beautiful Post

Recipes For Mom {intro + part 1}

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This post might not technically be beautiful, but it was extremely meaningful and important to me.  My mom is finally on the road to good health, after battling medical problem after medical problem throughout the years.  I wanted to do something special to help her along, so this new series is just that.  It will be expanded on in coming months for sure!

runner up: Slowing Down – part II

2] My Most Popular Post

Beer Baked Fries

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Hands down, this is my most popular post and it was just posted a few weeks ago!  It happened to get Stumbled Upon and racked up over 15,000 hits in ONE day.  WHOA.  I’ve received many comments telling me this recipe was a hit with their whole family.  There have also been comments about hopes for brownie points with husbands and engagement proposals from boyfriends, using this recipe. ;)  Definitely worth a try!

runners up: maple cinnamon almond butter, quick sweet potato bean tacos, DIY cereal – puffed amaranth, fancified breakfast

3] My Most Controversial Post

Detox Day 1 – Overview + Recipes

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This past January, I conducted my own detox/cleanse, after putting up with digestive annoyances for over 10 years.  I wouldn’t say this post, or any of the detox posts, were controversial.  However, they really got people talking.  The comments I loved the most, were from readers saying how excited they were to see someone conducting a detox in a safe + healthy manner.  This detox had nothing to do with weight, but it had everything to do with starting fresh and trying to get to the bottom of my digestive issues.  The detox lasted for 9 weeks total, including the period where I was reintroducing foods.  My objective was to be extremely creative in the kitchen and show people that you can still have a lot of fun, even when you are using a very limited list of ingredients.  Some of my favorite recipes were made during this time! Conclusion: gluten is not my friend! 

runner up: pre-toxing

4] My Most Helpful Post

Photography 101 – You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere

[one of my first dSLR photos]


My photography 101 posts were definitely a crowd pleaser.  I’m a self-taught photographer, and have been photographing for less than 2 years.  These definitely generated the most “helpful” comments!

runner up: Detox Recap – Weeks 7/8 Gluten

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised me


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This post was a surprising hit!  Even without a single word, people loved the creativity of this post.  Words are overrated. ;)

6] A Post I Didn’t Think Got the Attention it Deserved

Vanilla Bean Broken Farro

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Seriously.  My favorite hot breakfast.  Ever.  I haven’t tried eating farro [not gluten free] since before my detox, so I’m not sure if I can tolerate it anymore.  But if you’re fine with gluten, you must give this a shot!  The cheapest place I could find farro, was actually at Costco. 

runners up: vanilla bean brown rice, Chris’s Breaded Tempeh, Buckwheat Millet Pizza Crust

7] The Post I’m Most Proud Of

The Buckwheat Bakes

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There isn’t one buckwheat bake post in particular, but I’m talking about the recipe in general.  I’m really proud of this creation and it’s been quite the hit!  There have been countless emails + comments that this recipe has changed peoples’ breakfast routines, people that never knew what buckwheat was or how they could use it, people that had never ground grains into fresh flour before, kids that LOVE eating “cake” for breakfast, people making these for their grandparents, people that have finally found a breakfast that will fill them up, etc.  I receive link-backs every week, from bloggers posting about buckwheat bakes and it excites me every single time.  I’m so very proud of this recipe!

My favorites?

So that concludes my 7 links post.  Okay, more like 17 links post. :)

And now to pass the torch!

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  3. Ashley - (never home)maker
  4. Jessica – Kohler Created
  5. Natalie – The Sweets Life

Off to do round 2 of Body Rock.  Love it!