the unplanned workout

This was not a planned post at all.  I was going to post my “7 Links” this afternoon, but half of my day completely vanished, from updating my recipe page.  Apparently, the last time I updated it was APRIL.  I seriously remember updating it in June, but somehow I must not have published it.  It felt great to get it finished, as there have been loads of recipes since April, that you definitely need to check out!  Maybe I should highlight the recently added ones?  Tomorrow. ;)

So with a good chunk of my day gone, I was itching to get to the gym for a workout.  As soon as I step outside, with my helmet on, it starts to rain.  Crap!  Yes, I could have hopped in the car, but decided to stay home.

Now I decide to set my road bike up on our bike trainer.  I haven’t ridden my rode bike since last fall [!!!], unless you count riding it on my trainer in the living room of our old house.  Chris attached my clipless pedals a few months back and I have been putting off learning how to use them.  I’ve been craving long bike rides [weird craving, I know], so today I decided I HAD to get on the trainer to get the feeling for the new pedals + shoes.

45min later, it wasn’t happening.  It took 25min to get the bike set up.  I even had to check youtube for a “how to” video.  Then, I spent 10min trying to find my bike cleats.  Then, I spent 10min trying to see how the cleats attached to the pedals.  Finally, I realized the pedals were on backwards.  I tried to use our bike wrench to get them off, but couldn’t budge them.


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I was feeling super tired + cranky at this point, but knew what I needed was a good workout.  There has been a lot of buzz about Body Rock lately, so I decided to check out the website.  I stumbled on the link for their 5 Day Workout Challenge and decided to give workout #5, Tight, Toned + Trim a try.


I workout about 6 days a week, doing various activities.  I consider myself pretty in shape.  But, whoa!  This workout killed me!  After watching the video and looking like a goof practicing the moves, I got to business.  FIVE circuits??  Are you kidding me???  I was dead after one + after 4, felt like I could hurl.  I finished the 5 circuits, taking a few breaks and was covered in sweat + shaking [muscle shakes, not dizzy shakes].

The workout took 30min total for me to complete and after, I took the dogs for a nice long walk. [~3 miles]  These Body Rock workouts are definitely going to become a part of my weekly routine!  I used to talk about my workouts more often, but have been sticking to the recipes lately.  If people are interested, I can talk a little more about what I do to stay in shape + feel strong.  Just let me know!

Only 1 out of the 4 moves required a workout mat.  As soon as I would get up, this would happen.

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Big sack of lazy beans!

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After the 3rd circuit, I realized I needed to put some music on to keep me going.  Dakota was not impressed with my dance moves, mixed in with the workout routine.  I’m sure the neighbors weren’t either.  We still don’t have any blinds up!

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Just thought I would share a little piece of my day!

Have a great night!