family friday happenings

I love having company spend the night.  Because this means, I get to make them breakfast.  My favorite thing to do.  I listed off the options to Kelly and she went with the banana cornbread cake.  Excellent choice!  I lined up the toppings + she dug in.

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And then I wanted one too. hehe

I left the chia seeds out of Kelly’s but added them to mine, per the original recipe. 

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Banana, Love Grown Foods, peanut butter + a little maple syrup on top. 

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Corny, cakey, delicious.

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Chris took a half day, which I was really excited for.  When he got home, I had pizzas coming fresh out of the oven.  I bought fresh dough at Whole Foods and topped them with: cheese, pepperoni, home-pickled banana peppers + jalapenos

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While I missed the gluten-filled + cheese covered pizza, the feeling didn’t last long, after piling my plate with leftovers.

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Taco night – lunch style! 


Pizza, who?

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After lunch, we met up with Kelsey + Eric and headed out of town along the Poudre River.

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Time for these crazies to TUBE down the Poudre!!  We were excited!

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Definitely not the best view of the day, but I obviously couldn’t take my phone along with me to snap photos.  Chris’s dad stayed behind and followed us down the river with our car.  He took videos all along the way, so I’ll have to get a few posted. 

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Kelly is a phenomenal gymnast.  Can you tell? :)  She can land a double back flip on the floor.  Don’t mess with her!!

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Tube guy!!

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A family of 5 fingers!!  Kelly borrowed my old pair, which were 3 sizes too big, but they did the job!  I have big feet…size 9 and I’m only 5’4”!

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Chris had some sweet shoes himself.  Kayaking booties. 


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We had a blast floating down the river.  It was pretty intense and we laughed our faces off the entire way down, running into rocks, flipping over, etc.

After a nice little nap + shower, we headed out to one of our local favorites Crown Pub.  Delicious food.  Always.

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I think Chris + Kelly look a lot alike!

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After dinner, Kelly and I headed out for a nice evening walk.  Straight to the gelato store. :)

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They let you pick THREE flavors for the small size.  My kind of place.  I can never decide!!

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Time for some TV chill time!!  I’m heading out to Denver tomorrow morning, to visit one of my best friends from undergrad at OSU.  I’m so incredibly excited to see her, her husband, and new baby girl. 

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!