breakfast again

You know I had to make Buckwheat + Puffed Amaranth Cereal again.  I had only been thinking about it all day + night!

I snapped a few quick photos without my tripod and man can I tell a huge difference!  The natural light in our kitchen isn’t that hot, so I have to put the shutter speed down pretty low.  I also have to widen the aperture when shooting without a tripod, which causes less of the image to be in focus.

Wide aperture + low shutter speed + shaky hands = blah

But blah is still delicious!

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This bowl was similar to yesterday’s but a few toppings changed:

  • 1/4c raw amaranth [instead of 3T]
  • 1/4c soaked groats [instead of 1/3c]
  • mixed in 2T Raw Protein with the popped amaranth
  • toasted coconut

Using more amaranth, less groats + a little protein boost, helped this bowl hold me over longer.  Always a good thing!

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Right now I’m chillin’ with my girl Kelsey at my favorite coffee shop, The Bean Cycle

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We’re trying to be productive, but are quite hopped up on caffeine, which means 1 thing.


Iced coffee with COFFEE ICE cubes.  Genius!

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Kelsey was also my lunch date.  I made a savory version of one of my most popular breakfast and cannot wait to share!

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“I mean business.”

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As Kelsey would say….