saturday happenings

Today was spent in the kitchen, working on a few Valentine’s Day recipes.  Be on the lookout!  After baking, photographing, taste testing, and cleaning, I was off to photograph the lovely couple below.

Krista and I met a few months back, after she moved to Ft. Collins with her fiancé, Julian.  We meet up as much as possible, typically for coffee dates or grabbing a bite to eat at La Luz, a local favorite.  We’ve become good friends, and I was thrilled when they asked me to take their engagement photos.

SO many of our friends are getting married in 2012.  It’s definitely a wedding year!

I just wanted to share a little sneak peek from this lovely couple.  The weather was in the 50’s today, which was a major luck-out for a winter shoot.  More coming soon at Ashley McLaughlin Photography.



Off to bed, at 10pm on a Saturday.  This is unheard of for me, for a weekend or weekday.  Our alarms are set for 3:35am, as we’ll be making the 3+ hour trek to Steamboat Springs.  They’re calling for over a foot of snow!  Finally!  Hoping the roads aren’t too bad.  Our gear is ready, tons of food is packed + in the fridge, now we’ll see if I can actually get to sleep.

Happy Sunday!