better than great

Despite the drive that had me glued to the edge of my seat, acting as if I could help the husband see the road more clearly, today was better than great.  It was better than Christmas morning.  It was better than the first night of Hanukkah.

It was a powder day.

For the first two hours this morning, this is what the road looked like.  Thankfully, there was a pickup truck somewhere in front of us that helped carve the way. 

Were we even on a road?  It really didn’t seem like it.  I wasn’t nervous at all…

The roads weren’t icy though, just a bit snow packed. 

Finally.  After what seemed like forever, the sun worked it’s way up.

Being able to see the surrounding area, made me feel much better. 

After making it up over Rabbit Ears Pass, Steamboat was just in the distance.

The morning drive in took 4 hours, and by 8:45 we were heading to the top.

Snow fell for most of the morning, but we stayed surprisingly warm.  Except for a few white-out, snow-blowing-everywhere moments, at the top of the mountain.  Like needles in the face!

We made our way down, run after run, floating through the powdery snow.  Big dopey grins, smeared across our faces.

Winter has taken awhile to show its face this year, which may have made this day even better.

Husband spotting in the corner!  I kind of like that guy.

The sun finally broke, and soon after, we were ready for the trek home.

Our legs feeling like jello.

And a little red in the face.

Lunch was unpacked + devoured.  I had our coffees, breakfasts, lunches, mountain snacks, multiple waters, and dinners [in case we were held up] all ready to go.  Cheaper, more delicious, and a time saver on long mountain days.

I made my Creamy Smoked Kale Salad, which I highly recommend trying.  Dressing was in a separate container, to prevent sogginess.  

Farm fresh egg salad was prepped the night before and then smashed between slices of bread.  We love our eggs in this house!

As I rummaged around the multiple bags of food, trying to remember what was packed, I felt like I struck gold when this was found!

How could I have forgotten??

What I won’t forget, is to fill you in on the details of this doughnut sometime this week.  Get ready.

The drive home was just under 4 hours, with gorgeous views in every direction.

The long drive was totally worth it.  Easy for me to say though, I wasn’t driving!  Although, I will note that I only slept for 25min on the way home.

As soon as we got in, we collapsed on the couch.  Okay, we put everything away first, because who wants to stare it down all night?

A gourmet dinner was soon devoured.

For that guy I like…mac n’ cheese + tuna melts + sauteed spinach

For me?

GF mac n’ cheese with spinach mixed in.  The nice thing about having to make 2 separate boxes of mac n’ cheese, is that I get to chow down on the entire box myself, all in one sitting.

Snowboarding through powder all day long, will do a number to your appetite!  Doughnut eating, immediately followed.

And now to face plant into bed.

Loved this, better than great, day.