this week in doughnuts | {giveaway!}

photo 1

1. Peach upside-down doughnuts do not release from the pan.  However, peach stuffed doughnuts do.

photo (1)

2. Jelly filled baked doughnuts WORK!!!!!!!!!

photo 2

photo 3

3. These gluten free graham crackers are pretty tasty.  I still need to make my own GF recipe…maybe in 2013.

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1(2)

4. Only the best eggs for these doughnuts!

photo 2(1)

5. Half of the doughnuts from one day.

photo 1(1)

6. All of the doughnuts from that same day.

photo 4(1)

7. A breakfast doughnut filled with blueberries and finished with a broiled crumb topping.

photo 2(2)

8. The mess I’ve come to know so well.

photo 3(1)

8. Quite possibly my best doughnut ever is in the photo below.

Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake!

When 2 college boys enthusiastically tell you these are the best doughnuts they have ever tasted [ever!] it will make your day…or week.

photo 5(1)

9. I promise to share an actual recipe next week.  Things have been a little, well, hectic. 

photo 4(2)

10. I found this set of plates a few weeks ago at CB2.  I could NOT pass them up.  I mean, how perfect are they???  I kind of love the “moldy donuts” plate the most.

photo 3(2)

Instead of buying one set of these adorable plates I bought TWO. One for me and one for YOU!


I know a lot of you have been asking about a doughnut giveaway but they are extremely expensive to ship as they have to go overnight.  They also have to be sent without any frosting or toppings which is no fun at all.  So, in lieu of sending doughnuts I’m going to send one of you these three plates!!  [each plate is about 5x5 in size]

To enter:  Leave a comment telling me any of following things:

  • what your plans are this weekend I have a wedding rehearsal + dinner photo shoot on Saturday.  The rest of the weekend I will be working on the book!
  • that you’re not sick of hearing me talk about doughnuts yetYou have no idea how many I ate this week.
  • your dream doughnut flavor – My brain is spent on coming up with flavors!  My lists is over 101!
  • the #1 place you want to travel to I can never, ever decide on a #1!  We’re actually headed to Costa Rica in a week for our good friends’ wedding.  I’ll be photographing it!

Giveaway ends Sunday, Sept 2nd at midnight EST.  US entries only [sorry!].

Have a fabulous long weekend!


pssst! Just finished up the edits from my first wedding photo shoot.  You can check them out on my photography blog!