giveaway winner + weekend

A few outtakes from the weekend…

Surprise engagement party for Kelsey + Eric at our house.

photo 1(1)

Michelle + I organized the event.

photo 2(1)

A little urban foraging.  Thank you overgrown lavender + sunflower plants.

photo 3

Champagne toast!

photo 5

The pizza makers!  I worked the grill and Peter worked the oven.

photo 1(2)

Holy pizza.

photo 2(2)

All for me.

photo 2(3)


photo 1

So much food.  So many friends.

photo 3(2)

Cleanup on aisle 6.

photo 4(2)


photo 5(1)

Early morning Saturday breakfast in spirit of Tour de Fat, hosted by New Belgium Brewing.

The meet up spot was at our house.

photo 3(3)

Costumes, drinks, and a parade ensued.

So did the first Ohio State football [seriously typed “foodball”] game.  GO BUCKS! 

Instead of playing at Tour de Fat on Saturday I headed South past Denver to shoot a wedding rehearsal + rehearsal dinner.


The bride-to-be was glowing!


10 hours later I was home and in need of sleep!

Sunday was a full day of tackling the house to-do list.

Will it ever end?

photo 2

Today, you will catch me riding in the hills for some much needed time outside and the rest of the day will be spent donutting.

Hope you enjoy the day!

Thank you for all of the doughnut flavor ideas.  You will be happy to know that I have a recipe in the works for almost every single flavor you mentioned.


Wow, favorite flavor.. thats hard! I love almost any donut... but am partial to fruit flavors and of course chocolate! So, how about some sort of Boston Cream Pie type donut or oooh strawberry banana cheesecake?? I am celebrating my 20th anniversary this weekend ( its actually the 4th, but will do it this weekend as most of my kids and hubby are available). I was raised in Denver and lived there til 15 years ago, so never get tired of your blog OR talking about donut recipes! My son bought me 2 donuts pans for my birthday so am loving all the recipes! Oh and # 1 place? Since I am of Irish descent, I would so go to Ireland! ( Did you know the state of Colorado is 4 times bigger than Ireland? But so much history there! Anyway, thanks for a chance to win and have a good weekend!

August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary P

Congrats, Mary P!  I’ll shoot you an email shortly.