10 things worth noting >> long weekend!

10 things worth noting from the long weekend!

1. Started Friday off right with one of our favorite local bluegrass bands, Blue Grama.  

2.  Saturday morning started bright and early with a little bathroom demolition.  We were trying to hold out for a complete bathroom renovation but decided to do a mini DIY reno instead.  Totally digging it so far.


3. Butcher block counters are very affordable and quite easy to work with.  Especially when you buy a butcher block desktop at Ikea and cut it down to use as a counter.  Instead of buying their 6-foot kitchen butcher block counter for $129, the desktop cost $79!  

4. Backsplash flashbacks.  However, this was much easier and only took about 1 1/2 hours to complete.  I used 2x4 white subway tiles [from Home Depot ~$2.50 per 12x12 sheet] and cut each sheet in half [6x12], which meant I got 2 uses out of each sheet.  Then I finished the top row with a rounded bull nose tile [2x6 $.75/tile].  Extremely affordable for a very clean look.  Grout will be applied tomorrow and then the sink installation is next!

5. Graduation doughnuts for my cousin Elizabeth!  Hip hip!!  Lemon Cake + Vanilla Bean, both of which will be in the book!

6. My hands have been covered in paint for 3 days straight.  We're making a few other mini upgrades inside as well.

7. THIS potato salad from Thug Kitchen is worth your time.  I doubled the recipe, used apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar, and added 1 1/2 cups chickpeas.  Pretty sure I ate 6 servings in 24hrs and even dumped the last serving over a green salad.  

8. FREE rhubarb > $6.99/lb rhubarb

9. Solo Monday bike ride.  Everything is unusually green right now and I'm loving it.

10. Monday night margarita.  Well earned.

Bathroom update coming soon!  Hope you enjoyed the weekend!