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Hi hi hi with a quick Cleveland post.  I was literally running on fumes all day.  The past few days have sort of been a blur of bizziness!!  Went to bed way too late and left for the airport at 7:20am.  Luckily, I had no hang ups at the airport and arrived safely in Cleveland after only 2hrs + 20min in the air.

I took my oats to go this AM.  Gotta eat healthy when on the go, or I feel like poo!

  • 1/4c oat bran + 1/4c oatmeal
  • 1c vanilla rice milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • dash maple sugar
  • ~1T [WF no stir organic – my FAV] pnut butter
  • ~1/2T [Jason’s organic] chocolate pnut butter
  • ch ch ch chia sprinkles


I am growing to love the creamy oatbran/oatmeal combo!!!  Once I arrived at the airport I found Caribou of course!  You all should know by know Caribou is much higher on my list than Starbucks. 

I got a small cup o’ joe to go and drank it on the plane while I read a good chunk of this book -  Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life – I don’t see myself writing a book per say, but it has really been a great read.  If you are thinking that writing is your thing and a book is in your future I highly suggest you pick this up for $10-15!


I flew Continental [my fav, along with Frontier] and sat next to a really nice mom + her 2 daughters, 18mo and 3yr old.  They were super cute and I give her a lot of credit for traveling alone with them.  We actually got a snack on the plane: tuna or turkey samich w/fritos + a hershey bar.  I asked the mom if she wanted me to get them an extra because I didn’t want mine.  She took me up on the offer.  Not a fan of fritos or hershey chocolate and wasn’t feeling the samich either.  Do I sound picky :)  It’s not that I passed it up because I thought “oh that is not a healthy choice” [which it wasn’t], however I passed it up because those things just do not taste good to me. 

Luckily I came prepared!  The 18 Rabbits granola bar is absolutely amazing.  I would definitely give it a 9/10, even though I can’t put my finger on anything that I didn’t like about it.  It had the perfect chew factor and was the perfect sweetness. [pretty sure it was 9g of sugar]  The ingredient list was awesome and the bar even had raisins mixed in that I liked. [I mentioned recently I like raisins, but not at all in baked goods] Oh maaan I cannot wait to eat more of these.  They reminded me of my ota.bars quite a bit. mmmmm  You must check them out!


Guzzled down some OJ as well :)


My dad picked me up and on the way home I snacked on some POPchips – salt + peppa’


I went to my aunt + uncle’s house right away and found my aunt making loads of mondel broit.  It’s a Jewish cookie, somewhat similar to a biscotti but WAY better. 

Kelsey posted the recipe this summer after she tried them and fell in love.  Check it out here!!  You will not be sorry.  They freeze perfectly and I actually eat them straight out of the freezer whenever my aunt loads me up.


The ends.  I ate about 5 of these little guys….mmmmm


Dinner was quick but yum.  We made sloppy tom’s [weird that you can buy it cooked in a jar, but there are minimal ingredients and it is delish!] from The Turkey Farm in Marshall, MI.  We picked some of it up when we were there last month.  I sautéed some veg + we also had some out of season but delicious cantaloupe.  


I finally got to light some Chanukkah candles tonight with my parents.  Only 2 more nights left!!  I took a photo but my cam is now out of batteries so you will see it tomorrow! 

On another note.  I know a lot of you have showed interest in the RUSH bowls I talked about on the blog a few weeks ago.  I got a list of stores they are available in, from Nicole [the VP].  She said she will try to get them at other locations if there is enough interest.  They are still in the start up process of selling them for retail so it might take some time. 

Here is the list:

Whole Foods Locations

Academy - ACD 505-856-0474 New Mexico

Baseline – BSL 303-499-7636 Colorado

Belmar – BMR 303-935-5000 Colorado

Broadway – AFB 303-442-0909 Colorado

Capitol Hill – CPH 303-832-7701 Colorado

Cerillos (Santa Fe) – CER 505-992-1700 New Mexico

Cherry Creek – CCK 720-941-4100 Colorado

Colorado Blvd – COL 303-691-0101 Colorado

Fort Collins – FTC 970-267-9200 Colorado

Highlands Ranch – HLR 303-470-6003 Colorado

Ideal – IDL 303-443-1354 Colorado

Park City – PKC 435-575-0200 Utah

Pearl – PRL 303-545-6611 Colorado

Pikes Peak (Col Springs) – PPK 719-531-9999 Colorado

Metcalf  – MET 913-652-9633 Kansas

South Glenn – SGN 303-996-3660 Colorado

Sugarhouse (Salt Lake) – SUH 801-359-7913 Utah

Superior – SUP 720-274-1415 Colorado

Overland Park - OPK 913-663-2951 Kansas

Fouth South - FTS 801-355-7401 Utah

Some of the local CO locations you can find them at:


Brewing Market

8 Port

Stone Cup


Niwot Market



Folsom Coffee

Flatiron Cafe

Super Joe's

Boulder Country Club


Sleeeeeeeeeeeepy!!!  I felt like going to bed at 8pm, which was really 6pm CO time and now I’m up til 1am!?  What is wrong with me….stupid 2nd wind!!!

Night folks!  Ooooh, I think I’m going to check out what looks to be an awesome yoga studio in Willoughby Hills tomorrow.  They offer a 10 day unlimited pass [10 consecutive days] for new students for $10.  since I’m home for a week this works out perfectly.  If I make it 3 times I will be super excited!!  More on that tomorrow! 



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