hungry all day

My body is beat from yoga!  I went to Harmony Yoga Studio in downtown Willoughby today.  Check out the website just to see a photo of the studio.  It’s gorgeous and was so peaceful + welcoming.  I took the power vinyasa class with 4 other women and it rocked.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and I think even liked it better than Yoga One in Charlotte [crazy, I know].  The instructor played music which I thought might be annoying but was great.  It really made you lose yourself in the yoga a little easier instead of having a million things running through your mind you could just zone out and listen to the music.  There was a lot of Ben Harper played, which I haven’t listened to in forever.  It was great!

Last night’s Hanukkah photos!



Before yoga, I had a quick bowl of some Kashi instant hot cereal.  I didn’t get to pick up my organic rolled oats yet and my mom had this in the cupboard so I tried it out.  It was surprisingly tasty, even when just made with water.  It tasted like one of their cereals and even had some crunch to it.  Great in a pinch for sure.


The one thing I don’t like about Kashi, are their ingredient lists.  They are a mile long on all of their products.  I am a fan of their cereals, but usually avoid buying them because I feel like cereal really doesn’t need a 30+ ingredient list to be tasty.  However, once in awhile, it’s YUM! :)  Their bars however are very “bleh” to me.


After yoga, I came home + hopped on the treadmill for a 30min hill workout.  However, right before the treadmill I was staving and chomped on this:


Helllooooooo Vibrams!  My parents think these are WEIRD! hehehe


I kept it on 8% @4mp most of the time but them worked it up to 12 and decreased down to 6 during the last 8min.  I was exhausted from both activities today!!!

Showered + then made lunch.  Huuuge bowl of SF vanilla yogurt [~1c] + 1/4c raisins + 1/4c wheetabix crunchy delicious cereal


With a side of waffle + pnut butter shmear


And for dessert!!! Trader Joe’s, Cinnamon Almonds!!  They were suuuper tasty but I could only eat about 10 before they got too sweet for me, but that’s probably a good thing.  The only ingredients are: Almonds, Cinnamon, + Sugar.

Taaastyyyy – perfect to throw in a bowl for a holiday party


My parents, brother and I went to a nice restaurant in the University Circle area, in Cleveland.  It was called Sergios and the food is a cross between Italian + French.  It was delicious!

I started with a tasty Chardonnay.


I only ate 1 roll, even though they tempted me by delivering another pillow of bread on my plate.


I ordered Butternut Squash Bisque to start.  It was tasty with notes of ginger + garlic + maybe some apple or pear, not quite sure. 


My main course was “Scampi Genovese.”  They were about 6 delicious, large shrimp with a super creamy garlic/wine flavored rice full of shitake mushrooms.  The rice was deeevine!!!  The shrimp was cooked perfectly too.  I liked the broccolini on the side because it wasn’t doused in butter, although it was a bit cold and a tad undercooked.     



My dad + I got the same dish, and my mom + brother got the same thing.

Beef Tenderloin Romano – The restaurant was sooo dimly lit.  [If any of you digiSLR peeps are reading, I had it on ISO 1600 f-stop 2.8 and the shutter speed was like 1/15 – 1/25 – I fixed the white balance a bit in Lightroom and brightened them up just a tad.  The photos are pretty noisy at 1600, I usually don’t even like having the ISO at 800.  Okay, I’ll stop nerd talking..]


Guess what??  Remember my 18 Rabbits bar from yesterday??  I am still thinking about it!!  The texture + not too sweet flavors were just so delicious.  Well, I found a pretty good deal on them with free shipping if you spend over $25.  You can get a box of 12 for $20.99, which is by no means cheap, but is cheaper than Whole Foods or amazon.  They also have granola, which I definitely want to try.  These bars make me want to start ota.bars back up again!!  I hope I can at some point…we’ll see!  They also have Amazing Grass products the cheapest I have seen!

Well, I’m all out of photatoes [new word for “photos” Laura made up and I’m in love with…why? no clue] and I’m all out of steam.  My arse is starting to get sore from yoga + hill walking today.  Hope to make it to Yoga Sculpt class tomorrow with a bunch of errands before + after.

I found an awesome sounding recipe for RAW chocolate mint pudding that I maaaay have to make tomorrow.  Chocolate + mint is a favorite combo of mine and I love pudding but have had a hard time finding recipes that don’t include corn starch and other crappy ingredients.  This sounds super easy + super awesome.  Does anyone know much about raw cacao?  I read some pretty crazy [negative] things about it online today and was curious what everyone thinks.  So mine might not be totally raw, but it will be totally delicious.

Didn’t I just say I was out of steam??  Leave it to me to bring up food again.

Niiiiight xo


p.s. I just ate two uhhhhmazingly delicious Satsumas….try them out!!!