messed up schedule!

Between the time difference, and my weird late-nite 2nd winds, my sleep/eat/play schedule is all off!!  Last night I finished my post at 1am and then had to wrap a gift for my dad to mail this morning.  So I got to bed at about 1:45am and didn’t set my alarm.  I figured I would for sure be up to make it to the 11am yoga sculpt.  Welp, I woke up at 10:45. CRAPola!  Apparently my body needed 9hrs of sleep.  So from then on I was just off. 

I made oats at about 11 so then lunch was going to be later than normal.

Oats + almond milk + bananana + lil’ honey + TJ’s cinnamon almonds + wheatabix crunchy goodness

Scooooooby dooooby dooo


My dad loves mugs and being the holidays and all, I had to use this guy.


Scooby Buttocks.


After the oats, I was seriously craving vitamin C.  Is that weird?  My body was like “either eat an orange or chug some OJ.”  I have never had that feeling before.  I listened :)


These were both a bit bigger than the normal clementine size, and I was overstuffed after eating both.  Oh well, hehe.


Had to get a few things done at home and then go run a few errands.  I didn’t get out the door til about 1:30pm.  I knew I was going to be hungry for lunch 1/2 way thru my errands.  I chomped on a new bar before I left the house.  I saw it at WF and have wanted to try it for awhile.

Chocolately Chocolate Chip flavor


It was pretty much TERRible.  Too bad, because I liked the ingredient list.  It literally did NOT taste like chocolate and had what I would describe as a chemical taste to it.  I would never try this bar again, or try it in any other flavor.  I choked down 3/4 of it because I hate wasting $2 bars.  The only thing I liked was the texture.


As predicted I was starving around 3:30 and didn’t make it home until 4:45 and then knew that I would be making dinner soon-ish, so I couldn’t eat a full lunch.  I decided to have a mini cup [from one of the 4-paks] of SF vanilla Oikos + a 1/2 of the blueberry muffin I bought from WF.  Hollllllllllly cow was the muffin amazing.  I rarely splurge for a muffin and I don’t know what made me do it. SO worth it!  It was super moist + had the perfect crunchy crust. The other 1/2 is waiting for my oatmeal tomorrow.


Dinner time!  My mom didn’t want anything too heavy and I didn’t want anything with meat, so I made an awesome layered dish full of veg.

Altered from a recipe on the WF website [WF has a milllllion recipes on their website…I always forget that!]

Layered potatoe veggie bake:

  • 1 bunch kale [chopped]
  • 2 large yukon potatoes [thinly sliced]
  • 2T olive oil
  • 1 small container baby bellas, chopped
  • 1c. cheese [swiss, jarlsberg, gruyere, whatev!]
  • 1/2 onion [diced]
  • 3 garlic cloves [minced]
  • s+p
  1. Preheat oven to 350*
  2. Sauté onion + garlic in the oil over medium heat for about 5min
  3. Transfer to a casserole dish
  4. Add 1 single layer of the potatoes
  5. Add 1/3 of the kale + 1/3 of the mushrooms + 1/3 of the cheese + s+p
  6. Repeat 4 + 5 three times, ending with cheese
  7. Bake, covered, for 1hr 15min
  8. Uncover and bake for 15min longer

The prep took about 15min and this was comforting and delicious, with not too much cheese.  I would say it serves 4.


You could also use a cast iron skillet and cook the onion/garlic in that and then layer everything and pop in the oven.  Less dishes!

Tater layer


The WF version did not use mushrooms.  They were soo perfect with this!  That recipe also used swiss chard.  The kale rocked!


Stuffed full!! Pre-bake!


It shrunk in size by half after baking!  the top layer of kale was crunchy :)


Bought a HUGE sourdough roll for $.89 at WF to throw on the salad.  I bought about 1/4lb of sundried tomatoes from the olive bar, so I didn’t have to buy a whole container.  They were delicious!  I used Annie’s organic balsamic dressing which was realllllly yummy!


I had 1/4 of the tater casserole + this salad plus another big scoop. 

Last night of Hanukkah!


Oh yah, while dinner was in the oven I hopped on the treadmill :)  A quick 30min walking interval workout.  I made it really hard!!!  It sucks that both of my feet are hurting in 2 different places.  This has never happened before and I am missing my runs!  I’m icing + advil, so hopefully they’re better soon!


We went to my uncle + aunt’s house after din to hang out.  My aunt had a cookie exchange with her Bunko friends and she came home with 12 dozen cookies. OMG.  She brought them all out and I think I had a break of almost all of them. 

I am going to get better photos of them tomorrow because they were all so cute + different!  I had this plate, plus another few breaks.  There was a tie between 2, for my favorite.  I am usually not a big chocolate cake person, weird I know, but there was one “cookie” that was a chocolate cake ball dipped in chocolate.  The cake was super moist and the hard shell made for a great texture difference.  I didn’t get a photo of that one though. 


My other fav, although they were all seriously really good, was the top left cookie.  I can’t even tell you how buttery and delicate the 2 cookie layers were and the icing in the middle just melted in your mouth.  Most of them were mini sized which I liked because then I could try more. 

It is now 1:05am and I am definitely setting my alarm for about 8:15am.  My plan is to throw on some workout clothes, chug some h2o, chomp on a banana, and head to pilates at Harmony Yoga Studio.  I’ve never done pilates before but the description sounds awesome!!