crabby oats

Lots of photos + little text, because again it is 1:30am.  Whooooops.

I went to the pilates class at 9am this morning and it rocked my socks!  I loved it.  The class was super challenging and reallllly worked my core [abs + back].  It was the first time I could really feel that if I did this often, my back [core] would be so much stronger.  The “legs” part killed me!  It was so so hard.  Already sore in new places :)

Before I left for pilates, a tired faced Ashley, ate a banana with almond butter.


Let is snoooooooow


Took this bar in my purse for after class because I had to run a few errands and new I would be starving.  I finally found the German Chocolate LARABAR!  Too bad I didn’t like it at ALL.  It had a really funky aftertaste.  It was similar to the chocolate-coconut but that is much better.

I wouldn’t buy this bar again.


I came home around 11 and had some crabby oats :)


Pretty sure the bowl is for crab dip, hehe.


I used to LOVE this spoon when I was younger.  I think we bought it from one of those cereal box deals or something. 

Toucan Sam!


Oats/Oatbran + 1/4 blueberry muffin + 1t honey + pnutty glob


My mom got an amazing box of truffles.  Gorgeous!!!  They are really unique…a few have lavender in them!





My parents were both busy during the day, so I went to my aunt, uncle, + cousin’s [aj + jenna] house to make a yummy lunch.



  • oven roasted sweet tater fries with: s+p, olive oil, dash ground cinnamon, dash sugar
  • oven roasted brussel sprouts + kale with: s+p + olive oil
  • grilled cheese on organic jewish rye [from WF] and local swiss cheese

So so so so good + simple!!! My cousin Jenna is not the biggest vegetable fan and LOVED the kale + sprouts.  She actually took seconds.  Everyone was shocked.  My Aunt could not get over how delicious the kale was.  4 more kale fans…oh yaaaaah!!!  



Playing with daylight + my camera ;)



The best sweet potato fries I have made!



I finally tried the Peppermint Cream coffee, from The Fresh Market, that Kath has been raving about this winter.  It was delicious and refreshing.  It had a little extra kick with the peppermint flavor that you normally don’t get from regular coffee.  Loved it!

Also, love this mug + spoon!



Awesome cupcakes that I look forward to every year!!! The frosting melts in your mouth…I think it’s like half cool whip + half buttercream.  I ate 1/2 of one later in the night after dinner.


So pretty!


Holiday decor at my aunt + uncle’s house.  The Hanukkah candle bowl w/Christmas candy canes, hehe.







Went out to din with my g’rents + cousins.  After we came back to my cousin’s house and made ornaments.  I wanted to make 2 for my friend’s kids that are getting baptized tomorrow.  I put their names and the baptism date on them.  They turned out super cute.  Ornaments are such an easy and affordable, DIY gift.  We all made a few + blasted music from  I let them pick out any songs they wanted.  It was super FUN!!!


I figured out the perfect way to let them dry!!! You just have to be careful to not have paint where the cup touches.  It worked perfectly!


Then we made a trial batch of my dad’s infamous molasses cookies.  He makes them every year, and my bro + I always used to help.  Well, these are DEFinitely not in any way a healthy cookie, but sometimes sweets are meant to be sinful!  However, this year, I did try to make them a little more natural/organic.  I used organic unbleached flour, sucanant [instead of brown sugar], organic molasses, pure cane sugar for dipping the dough, and butter instead of crisco because crisco is 100% trans fat [eeeeeeek!].

They were totally successful.  We’re making about 10 batches tomorrow!

Jenna [11] AJ [14]


Cookie paRtaY


They were super doughy and soft on the inside, with a bit of a crunchy exterior.  I ate TWO and I’m sure many more will be consumed tomorrow. 



I hear my bed calling my name…I must go see what it wants….Bizzzzy day tomorrow!!

  • bake all morning with dad
  • go to baptism for my friend’s kids + lunch afterwards
  • help mom with a little cleaning to get ready for company + help dad package cookies
  • shower
  • Hanukkah family parTay