back to the schedule

I’m trying to get back to my normal schedule of posting late-night so it’s up first thing in the morning for everyone.  We’ll see how it goes….I might have turned into a mid-morning blogger!  [You can keep up with my new posts if you follow me on your reader, or follow me on Twitter @edibleASH] 

Either way, this will be somewhat short.  I had one glass of wine at dinner and might pass out on the keyboard right now.  How old am I?

The dogs have been participating in some major cuddle sessions lately.  It is pretty adorable!


I was craving another melty cheese english muffin like yesterday.  It was just so delicious.  I made one for Chris today too and he more than approved :)


I did something different with it today though.  First I toasted the muffin and then topped with a tiny bit of butter, apple and the cheese and then broiled for about 5min.  Not sure what it is about this odd combo but pretty sure I’m obsessed.  I’m also obsessed with my freshly ground almond butter.  It is fantastical on carrots!!  There was a 5 gallon bag of organic carrots on sale for $2.99 at WF.  I was just going to buy a few loose carrots but they were $.99/lb.  I saved 2 dollars and have carrots out the whazoo! 

These large carrots freak me out though.  I’m always afraid I’m going to crack a tooth, especially since [a few months ago] when I bit down on one it compressed a filling further into my tooth.  So super lame!  I have a new idea on what to do with carrots + AB to avoid the crazy fear of cracking teeth and compressing fillings…You’ll see it soon!!


Workout Update:

I went for a run in my Vibram 5 Fingers.  I am trying not to over do it, like I did in December, so I only ran 1.75 miles.  I definitely could run more and want to run more, but I don’t need any foot injuries.  So far, I am loving the 5 fingers!  I am also participating in Whittle My Middle II, which is totally working!  I started it about 1.5 weeks ago and can already tell a difference.  Can’t wait til I can up my mileage a bit…I’m feeling lazy! 


Our friends, Ann + Kurtz, took us out to dinner tonight to thank us for all the help we gave them with getting their new place all fixed up.  It was so super nice of them and they picked this really fun vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Uptown, called Water Course.  Their menu was seriously HUGE and I had thee hardest time deciding what I wanted. 

Kurtz ordered an appetizer of Seitan Buffalo Wings.  I was completely skeptical, never having Seitan and not really liking buffalo sauce.  I must say these were surprisingly tasty!  The texture was almost exactly like a chicken wing [a tad chewier] and the flavor was great.  They had a good kick of spice too!  The only knock I would give them is that they seemed a bit salty.  However, overall, super impressive!


Chris got a pita filled with Seitan and it literally tasted like a gyro with lamb.  He had a side of green chili and fries. [Does it look like I used a flash? Don’t worry…I didn’t!]


I got the special of the night, which was a Coconut Tempeh stir fry, packed full of veggies and ginger spiced brown rice.  There was a good amount of kale in the dish too :)  The tempeh was awesome!  Tons of flavor too…Yum!


Such a good food model.  Although the lighting was terrrible..hehe


Ann had a crispy polenta coated portabella with a ton of sides.  I had a bite + it was super tasty.  I can’t wait to go there again….definitely want to try their breakfast!  They also have a vegetarian/vegan pizza shop nearby, that has the same owners.  I can’t wait to try that for sure!


What am I doing with a can of sweet potato puree at 10:30pm???


Snacking, duh!  I know a lot of people prefer sweet potato pie over pumpkin pie, so awhile ago I picked up a few cans but never got around to making sweet potato pie.  I decided I should pop open a can and see how I like it compared to pumpkin. 

First test: Pumpkin Sweet Potato Yogurt


1/3c. plain Oikos + 1/3c sweet potato + cinnamon + nutmeg + ginger

What did I think?

  • MUCH creamier than pumpkin, which has a more fibery texture
  • quite a bit sweeter
  • 130 cals in 1/2c compared to 50cals in 1/2c pumpkin
  • had a slightly funny taste
  • would probably be REALLY good in oatmeal because of the sweetness

I’m kind of torn on which I like more with yogurt.  I really liked that this has a smoother texture but I think I like the pumpkin flavor more.  I’ll definitely be trying it my oats soon to use up the can!  Has anyone ever done much with sweet potato puree?  I’m sure I can find a million more uses than yogurt + oats :)


I have had a lot of people asking me where I got the clear glass Pyrex mug that I like to stuff with oats.  Well, my lovely sis-in-law got it for me from where she works.  I haven’t found the exact one online, but this is the closest I can find.


Has anyone heard about of a girl named Katie Spotz?  She is ROWING across the Atlantic Ocean by HERSELF!  It will take her appx. 70-100 days and she just hit 1/3 of the way!  I urge you to read about her journey.  She is the youngest person to ever attempt this solo row, at just 22yrs old.  Her maturity, confidence, outlook on life, etc. are completely inspiring.  Check out her website/blog.  She has some pretty sweet equipment on her boat that is allowing her to blog/twitter/etc with the outside world.  Pretty nuts!  Follow her tweets and check the map for her current location @katiespotz – She’s not just doing this for herself, but raising money to help bring safe drinking water to people around the world.  I want to meet her!! :)


I had another great question from a reader that I want to talk about….tomorrow, hehe :)  My brain is too sleepy and we are getting up early to hopefully catch some fresh powder at Breckenridge. 

In response to my recent post:  A Nerd at Whole Foods, Teri asked if I have any advice on taking the plunge to quit a job you are unhappy with.  Love the question and I will be sure to answer it!  Stay tuned!


Night bloggies!