5 legs show detail

This is not the prettiest bowl of oats.  Today, it is not about the oats.  It’s about the detail IN the oats.

There were 5 legs involved in these photographs.

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2 of my own,

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and 3 on the tripod.

You know I’m rocking the paper towel bounce!!  Which by the way, is so much easier to deal with when you have your camera on a tripod!

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LOOK at the detail on the almonds!!  To me, there is a noticeable difference.  Later today [hopefully] I’ll show you the difference with some comparison photos.

You can SEE the flax meal, all the detailed lines of the almonds and the bright globs of orange pumpkin.  It’s definitely a transition, playing with a tripod in comparison to shooting with the camera in hand.  But it’s a transition I’m willing to go through.


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With the camera still attached I caught the dogs in some high speed action.

But never mind the dogs…helllooooo snow!

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cat-like reflexes

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Sometimes I reference Scooby Doo when talking about the dogs.  If you look closely at Kenna you might see why.  Her front paws are BEHIND her back paws.  When this happens indoors, on the hard wood floor, it is quite the scene.  Look at Dakota’s flappy ears. ;)

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It’s pretty funny how excited they get over snow.  I guess I can deal with the first snow being in the 2nd weekend of November.  We’re headed to the mountain this weekend for snowboarding and I can’t wait!

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Soon I’ll show you just how much detail you can see zoomed in to the English Muffin.  I was doing a happy dance when I uploaded these photos!!

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Oh yah..the sandwich was yummy too! 

English muffin + PB + apple + coconut + wheat germ

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So much going on today…hope to post a little more detail of the detail later today!

Before you go…

  • I finally got in a real workout after a full week break – 1.3 mile swim – back in action!
  • my latest blog post on the City Sports Blog is about hydration – check it out!
  • it’s fun to make a fool of yourself sometimes!!


<3 ash