You know it’s an off day when I only have FOUR photos to show you.  From the moment I woke up I felt off.  I woke up on my stomach which is always a bad sign.  I used to love sleeping on my stomach but had to change to sleeping on my back the past few years.  My body just doesn’t like when I’m on my stomach anymore.  I wake up sore in my neck + back.  Yuck. 

Pumpkin Oats in a Jar…mmmm topped with walnuts + 1/2 graham cracker   - I obsessively scraped this jar clean!  I don’t think the dogs could have gotten any more out of it!

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I went for my typical 3 mile run today and was hoping that would lift my mood.  It was chilly but not a cloud in the sky.  My legs felt heavy which was a first since running in the Vibrams.  I’m pretty sure this was due to my body still being sore from Sunday’s day of snowboarding.  I was dragging, so I stopped and walked for about 2min to collect myself, breathe, and take in the sunny day.

Then, I scarfed leftovers from last night and Chris and I FINALLY went to see Avatar.  I think we’re the last people to see this, haha.  I’m not going to say too much, because I could write a lot, but I REALLY enjoyed it.  I’m not big on sci-fi, but this was impressive.  I really had no idea what the movie was about, going into it…I thought from what I did know that I wasn’t going to like it.  I was wrong :)  1/2 way thru I turned to Chris and broke out in laughter from how ridiculous the 3-d glasses looked!

We came home, a little later than I thought, so we just threw a quick but extremely tasty dinner together.  We cooked Rosemary Spelt linguine from the farmer’s market.  YUM 

This pasta company is impressive.  1/2lb is $3.50 and it will feed about 4.  It will keep for at least a year just in the paper bag you buy it in!  There are SO SO many flavors…I would guess at least 40, but maybe more!  There are one or two with curry and even a DARK chocolate pasta!! I have to get this at some point and make something fabulous with it.

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I used a Whole Foods 4 cheese sauce but added to it a little.  I sauteed fresh chopped sage in a little butta’ [mmmm buttttterrrr] and then added a few splashes of red wine.  It helped to spruce up a basic jar of pasta when I didn’t feel like making sauce from scratch. 

Accompanied by a huge side of salad with creamy goat cheese mmmm

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Delicious, satisfying, healthy aaaand quick + easy!  [under 20min total]

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Did I forget to mention I also had my hand in the chocolate chip + lime cookie jar all day long!?  haha Something about them is addicting!  Not sure if I’m going to have a snack or not tonight..but if I do, I’m going to give homemade hot chocolate another whirl…still trying to perfect a recipe!

Going out to see Avatar, making a quick dinner with the huz, eating at the table while listening to music, with a small glass of wine made my day/night much better!  I just need to chill a bit!  Right after dinner I also received an email that literally made my night!  It was from my Aunt, who rocks…and she just must have known I needed a pick-me-up!  Then, I received an unexpected and extremely exciting email, that you will be finding out about soon!

I’m going to do some work updating of my pages for the next few days…recipes…things “I dig”….etc…I’ll let you know when I get the pages done!