I was a bizzy person today!  I wrote another article, which took a big chunk of my morning/afternoon.  It was definitely a challenge to write this one because it was all factual and no opinion.  I’ll let you know when it’s up :)  I did a lot of cleaning and ran a few errands.  You know, the usual, but a bit more hectic today.

My cold smoothie + hot oats were combined into something new today. 

Hmm…I don’t think you can tell…but this banana was baby-sized.  It twas’ adorable, tehee.

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Smoothie:  1/2c coconut kefir + 10 strawberries + 6 cherries + baby banana –> blend until creamy + smooth

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Oats: 1/3c oats + 1c liquid + 1/2T chia + 1/2t cinnamon + vanilla splash

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I cooked the oats and then added the smoothie into the pan and cooked for another 2min.  So I guess you could call it Hot Smoothie Oats??  I should have not used as much liquid when cooking the oats, so they could absorb a little of the smoothie liquid.  However, this bowl was delicious!  I’m not sure if I like this or yesterday’s version better. 

I don’t like purple clothing but I do like purple FOOD.

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Topped with 2T of Bob’s Red Mill [BRM] apple/blueberry granola and unsweetened coconut.  Aaaand obviously a kiss of pnut butter [1T].

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After breakfast is when things got a little “go go go.”  I had a snack, which I can’t recall…but didn’t want to get up for lunch until I was done writing my article.  That was at 2pm. Eeeek..starving!  I had an egg-erific lunch with a melty cheese apple. 

Then I went for another dip in the pool!  Today was more intense because the pool was packed, so I tried to keep moving!  I’m tired.  Details on that.

After my swim I had to hit up Whole Foods for a few things.  I was STARving so I grabbed 2 new LB flavors because I had a good coupon.  I tried the “tropical fruit” as SOON as I got in the car.  I took a big bite.  BLEGH!!!  Thee worst LB yet.  It was dry + crumbly almost and had an INtense pineapple flavor.  I’m sure it’s real pineapple but it tastes fake/overpowering.  There was also a weird flavor as you kept chewing.  I ate half the bar and don’t know if I can down the rest.  Anyone try this flavor yet?  Thoughts?  The other one I got was lemon.  We’ll see.

I know this does not look appetizing but just trust that it was.

  • Ezeikal sprouted tortilla
  • pasta sauce
  • sauteed portobella + peppers + garlic
  • tomato paste [with a little water] spread on top
  • fresh mozzarella

I am loving finding fun ways to use up tomato paste.  It was EXcellent on this!

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Romaine + peppers + broccoli + 1/2 avocado + 30sec homemade balsamic dressing

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The only way to eat this was to fold it in half like a taco and never look back.  It was REALLY tasty.  I did however end up with sauce dripping down my hand and into my shirt sleeve.  Awesome.  I didn’t make a mess while making dinner but I made a HUGE mess while eating dinner.  I was FAMISHED from the swim.  And speaking of food, I need more of it.

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Night bloggies!  Maybe you’ll see me tomorrow afternoon?  Perhaps!


ooooohhh yeah…the VFF [vibram 5 fingers] photo page has been updated with reader submissions..check it out…it makes me excited, hehe :)