oldies but goodies

I’m saving all my photos from my computer to my hard drive today and wanted to share some photos pre-blog. 

Enjoy! p.s. These are in NO order, whatsoever :)

Half marathon in Charlotte, NC last May.  It was my first big race!





The parents came down from Ohio for the occasion :)  A well deserved post-run dinner.


Some of my food photos pre-blog from my food + architecture thesis.


Engagement - Charleston, SC – Feb ‘07


Yes, I am a tree hugger.  However, I love this tree because it’s where Chris proposed.


In Architecture school, you do crazy things, and so do your professors. November 2006 - UNCC


Like filling up boats with all of your models and setting them on fire, at the end of a LONG semester. 


Ohio State graduation party – June 2005

Picture 019

I like him, a little. ;)  Weekend trip to Asheville, NC 2007


My first + only fondant cake.  LOL – It looked better in person…I swear.


Aunt Sherie + me :)  She was my matron of honor in our wedding.  July ‘08


YIKES.  White as ghosts.  Camping photo – NC 2007?

 IMG_0407 IMG_0377

We went to an ugly Christmas sweater party.  Dakota was lucky enough to get to try it on after.

dak sweater 2


dak ugly sweater

holidays ‘07 – I am sleepy-eyed from 2 days of no sleep thanks to architecture reviews :)

 IMG_1976 IMG_1981

My OSU buddy Kirsti and me at our friend’s wedding.  Chicago - ‘08  They may have served alcohol?



Before Kenna….


DSCN2366 IMG_1224

Doughton Park – NC – camping Spring ‘08


Dakota LOVES sleeping in the tent because she gets to cuddle.  Look at that face.


This flash from the past is to be continued…..