hungry hungry hippo

To say that I was hungry all day long is an understatement.  I think it had to do with 2 things.  Swimming yesterday was one, and you can probably guess the other ;)

I should have known not to try something different for breakfast.  It kept me pretty full but not like my oats!

These are the tortillas I made my tortilla pizza with last night.  SO good.  Well, They’re not at all like a fluffy flour tortilla.  They are heartier and a little tough.  I like the texture + flavor, but straight out of the fridge I’m not sure I would like them as much.  We’ll see! I have toasted them each time with the ingredients piled on. 

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This was a GREAT breakfast in theory.  It had a decent amount of calories in comparison to my oats.  Like I have said before, I don’t count calories, but in comparing how full it kept me I’m taking the calorie count into consideration. 

Typical bowl of oats = ~400-450

Large orange + tortilla with pnut butter, almond butter, 1 small banana, chia seeds, cinnamon and Heather’s jam = ~400-450

This was DEElicious.  Lately I have been craving oranges.  I toasted this tortilla with all of the ingredients and you know I LOVE melty pnut butter and warm bananas are delicious too. Anywho…

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They also have about the same fat/protein content.  What I realize is that although I’m hungry about 2-3hrs after a huge bowl of oats, I think in some way it still keeps me fuller, longer.  I feel like I don’t need as much at my next meal to be full again.  Does this make sense? ;)  When I eat breakfasts not containing oats, I feel like I consume more throughout the day. 

However, I should test this more accurately on a day when my hunger isn’t as CRAZED. 

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Ooooooh!!!  Good news that I can share!!  Chris has a full time job!!!  We are more than excited. :)  Thanks for all of your thoughts + kind words during this stressful waiting game.  Now, hopefully something will come my way at some point soon! 

I bought these bagels yesterday because they have 19 grams of protein and 13g of fiber and I just couldn’t believe it.  Also, the ingredient list was something that sounded like it could be homemade.  The protein + fiber was not added fiber…like you see infused in yogurt + cereal, etc.  It was from REAL ingredients.  So I sent one off for with the huz on his way to WORK [hehehe].  He was my guinea pig for these.  I toasted it and topped with PB.  When he got home he said it was “okay but a little dry.”  I asked if he would want another and he said “probably not.”  He did however confirm that he would try it as a pizza bagel ;)  I’ll let you know when I try them out!

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MUNCH CRUNCH LUNCH: romaine + pepper + avocado + fresh mozz + brocc + homemade balsamic

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The rest of lunch:  Leftover Millet Stuffed Pepper + black eyed peas mixed with tomato paste + water

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Tried this little bar because I had a good coupon.  I had about 1/4 of it.  [also had more choco covere pom seeds]  The fruits were definitely noticeable.  I liked it but wouldn’t buy again. 

Then…more eating happened…2eggs + slice of toast…few other things….HUN-GUH-Reeeeeeee

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When Chris got home from WORK :) we headed to climb on fake rocks at the gym.  Definitely a good time.  It’s really satisfying when you see yourself improve each time you go, and it’s SO much fun to do together. 

Peeeeeeeeeetzaaaaaaaaaah :)  I got the fresh whole grain dough from WF, per usual.  I have made pizza dough a lot in the past, but just haven’t messed with it in CO yet.  I’m a little nervous the altitude will mess it up.

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My side:  yellow peppers : roasted garlic : mozz : pepperjack

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Chris’s side: bacon : jalapenos : yellow pepper : mozz : pepperjack        

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There may have been a stray bite or 2 of bacon on my side as well ;)

With a PILE of steamed broccoli.  MMMmmm

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I’m really tired + so is my body.  GOODnight!! 

My parents wanted to say THANK YOU for all of their comments about their 35th anniversary.  They were so excited about them :)